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A foggy face turns into an unlikely encounter (Based on Picture Prompt)
Steam Dancers: (2009)
N.A Miller

A gentle hammering pelted the tiled floor of the shower as Nikki rinsed the soap from her body. She showered after a long day of hard work, exercising first, then daily chores of the housework in and around the apartment.

As she stood there the steam covered the window as the water splattered the glass, trickling gently down to the frame and here she placed her hand on the window to remove it, making a strange imprint of her hand in the moist layer of fog. Around her in the room the steam seemed to dance for her, making odd shapes of people as it swirled around her. It is enhanced by the light that brightly lit up the room from the regular lights and the orange heat lap above. She smiled, giggling quietly at the hand print that she now saw in the steam-covered glass before her. Nikki glanced at the modest bathroom through the steam-covered glass at the bright yellow wallpaper covered walls, at the shiny towel racks and fixtures attached to a light yellow sink basin. The basin matched the white tiles on the floor covered partially by a yellow rug. She managed a silent smile at the modest bathroom located inside her spacious two bedroom apartment located in downtown New York City that she shared with a friend.

As for Nikki, she is a young woman about twenty, a college student, and her major is in the medical field. She has long brown hair, blue eyes, and an average, but narrow, hour-glass figure. Taking her hands she ran her hands over her nude body, to rinse the shampoo bubbles from her skin, and leaned back, letting the water cascade through her hair. Steam billowed through the shower closet as she stood there, and looking at her hand-print, she gasped, as it seemed to move as she stood watching it. The handprint seemed to grow in size as it changed shape, moving without any modification by her hand, or by anyone’s hand.

“Oh my god!” The young woman gasped, watching the handprint seem to morph from a hand-print, into what appeared to be the shape of a human form first, then a person’s face. The young woman was amazed at what she saw, wondering at the steam, if it were playing a trick on her eye sight as she watched it. She had been broken up from a relationship for a month now, and she had been lonely lately, wishing that the right man would come and take her away from her misery. The young woman had not expected this to come in the form of her imagination.

Nikki raised her hand and she touched the cool glass again. The water splattered the glass as it ran down and around her hand, to make even stranger images in the steam-filled glass. The images did the same thing as before as it seemed to metamorphosis into something else, from one imprint of her hand, into many other shapes. The young woman blinked her eyes, taking her hands and she ran them over her face as she carefully washed her face with the washing gel in her hands. This time she gasped, as a face appeared in the glass, and it seemed to wink at her as she watched it, a smile spearing in the glass. A human form seemed to imprint in the shower door.

“This cannot be.” Nikki thought, gasping at the image that continued to form in the glass door of the shower. It had no detail, that indicated the sex but she could almost imagined this image as a stud of a man, coming to take her away.

The young girl smiled at the idle thoughts, that she stepped back and let the hot water cascade across her body, rinsing the soap from her shoulders and her back. Preparing to rinse one more time before she conditioned her hair, she leaned back and wet her hair, and glancing at the door she gasped as she saw the face and form of real man outside the door. He was like a ghost before her and had not heard him enter. She at first thought he was a rapist or a burglar but he just stood there watching her, and he put his hand on the glass, and she followed suit as if to touch his hand. He was rather handsome, a black man with dark eyes and hair, and what appeared to be a trim physique with a muscular upper body and arms. He wore nothing but a pair of speedo trunks that were used for swimming. The young woman was suddenly reminded of a swimmer she had watched and had a crush on at New York State today on the campus as she sat with her friend, Shirley, cheering on her boyfriend. She had personally went to ogle the man-meat and had seen this stranger on the campus that she had never laid eyes upon since she had come to campus until now. He was dark and mysterious.

“W-who are you?” She gasped, shouting over the falling water sound, but he did not speak. Doing her duty, she conditioned her hair and rinsed, and turned to shut off the water, watching him, as he watched her in the shower.

A moment later she grabbed her towel and opened the door, and glanced at the steam filled room, only to see nothing there. The steam had cleared partially in the room and the image that she had seen had disappeared. It was like he was never there, a figment of her imagination. Drying her body, Nikki stepped from the shower onto the yellow rug, and walked toward the basin and the sink, dabbing at her long brown hair as she grabbed a brush. She had her face covered as she dried her hair and as she lowered the towel, that in the mirror she saw his reflection as he stood behind her. It was closer now, definitely a black man, with dark eyes, a wide smile, perfect teeth, a trimmed neat goatee and narrow fleshy lips on the round, thick face. The young woman gasped as she spun around and again she saw nothing, except the swirling steam that danced in the air, moving as she disturbed the air with her motion.

The steam was think in the room still as she dried, keeping the room generally warm on the winter’s afternoon here in New York State. It was a ten degrees outside with five degree windchill, and her apartment usually was cold when she got home until the heater kicked in to warm it up gradually or she made a fire. Nikki was confused at the images and imagination that she was having. She grumbled at the image that was now stuck in her head of the diver she had seen at the indoor competition of the swim meet. He was one heck of a hunk of meat and she thoroughly desired him.

“I must be overly horny.” thought the young woman, “I haven’t had any since I broke up with Bart. Imagination isn’t what I need either, Maybe I am just overworking my senses with that man I watched at the swim meet, that mysterious student.”

Stepping forward she moved with her brush leading, a hard plastic, as-if to use it as a weapon. Turning back to the mirror she began to brush her hair, pulling at the stubborn tangles as she ran it through her long brown hair. Her hair covered her face and as she brushed it from her face, the face was right there in the mirror, as big as life and he was smiling. Taking the towel she wiped the mirror, clear of the moisture on the thick glass that made up the sheet glass. Peering at the face, she smiled back, instinctively covering herself with the towel as she stood there.

“I don’t know who you are, but you shouldn’t have followed me home, I am and have called the police.” She declared at the empty bathroom and turning she moved toward the door. Gripping the knob she felt his hand on hers as he stood there, his warm breath lightly caressing her across her neck and shoulders. Looking at the mirror she smiled as his hands moved to her shoulders and her arms, and closing her eyes she moved her head to allow him to kiss her neck as he held her by the shoulders. Opening her eyes she peered into the mirror, at the steam that faceted and swirled in the room, and she saw his face as it faded from view into the steam clouds and then a knock sounded at the door.

“Nikki?” A voice asked, and the young woman recognized it as Tisha, her roommate as she heard the knob jiggle, then another knock on the door.

“Yeah.” Nikki replied after a moment, turning her head to scan the warm, brightly lit room, empty of anyone except herself as she stood staring in the mirror.

“You alright in there?”

“Yeah I’ll be right out.” Nikki said with a disappointed tone, and her eye stared at the mirror. “Damn.”

Her eyes scanned the mirror several times and after a moment she let out a gasp as she saw a number written in the steam covered door of the shower.

“Call me, 212-995-8725.” It said, “Calvin.”

Smiling, Nikki scrambled to scribble down the number on a piece of toilet paper, finishing in the bathroom and ran to her purse to retrieve her cell phone from her purse. Dialing the keypad, still clad in her towel, she listened to the dial tone and the tone as it began to ring and there was a click.

“Hello Nikki.” The voice said and the young woman smiled. A moment later, a buzzing nose echoed the room as the insistent alarm rang out through the bedroom and slowly Nikki groggily opened her eyes, peering at the clock’s numbers in silence.

‘0500’ the numbers said as they blinked harshly at her in the darkness and she reached out to hit the button on the top of the clock. She then realized it was just a dream, letting out a small groan of disappointment.

“Damn.” The young woman cursed, reaching for the lamp where she clicked on the light, then to her water to take a drink and looking down that she saw the paper. Her eyes widened as she let out a loud gasp.

“Or was it?” Nikki thought with a start, peering blearily at the strip of paper.

‘212-995-8725’ The number was written in eyeliner and here the young woman out a loud gasp, taking up the paper that was next to her cell-phone. Turning her head, she let out another gasp as s sleeping form lay next to her in her bed, that of a muscular man sleeping on a fluffy pillow…

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