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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2278296
A boy encounters and defends home against supernatural demons. (picture prompt)
The Nightmare from within the Mirror
N.A Miller

A figure shivered in under the table as he peered into the darkness from the kitchen into the living room. The boy named Michael Canterbury huddled in fear as the mirror set near the doorway and in it a purple face appeared there during the evening. It had knocked out the lights, the lightning bolts from the flashes from the figures eyes, reaching out to grab his parents and his sister whose scream resonated in his head. He was the last in the house, and he had to get out, but the only trouble was the exit that was unlocked was here in the kitchen. He would have to pass closely, within clear view of the mirror and the entity that was there.

“What am I going to do?” Michael asked himself, “I can’t let it get me too. If I go upstairs it might try to use the mirrors in the house to travel between rooms. His mother was a fanatic having mirrors in the house, and about her appearance and how she looked.
It was pure evil and he knew it and the only change the boy knew that he had would be his use of the crucifix that hung in the main living room.

“Demons don’ like Jesus!” The young boy thought and he crawled toward to the doorway toward the living room.

“I can feel you!” The demon screeched, and he heard the moan of his sister and the wail of her as pain was inflicted upon her somewhere behind the netherworld of glass.

The family had moved in three months ago in this house, and had been hold that it had been possessed once. But the Realtor had assured them that had been years since the last report of any action from demons that might inhabit the house. His father and mother had agreed to buy it on that assumption. The boy had looked up at the window and had seen silhouetted face of a girl peering down at him from the window, and when he had brought to his parent’s attention that they had scolded him for lying.

He had moved the mirror in his room to his closet and had climbed into bed when he saw the hint of red eyes peering back at him from its dark interior surface. Michael also heard whispers at night from the closet where something was babbling and chanting at him, as a purplish glow could be seen under his door. Scared he covered his head in terror, and curled up in a ball.

“Mommy, There is a monster in my closet!”

“Sure there is dear.” She said, “It peered at me from the mirror!”

“Go play in your room dear.”



The boy didn’t go to room he went outside and played on the swings. He looked up and the shadowed figure of a girl peered out at him through it. Scared he fled from the swings and onto the porch. His sister Sally joined him a moment later.

“What’s wrong Michael, you are white as sheet.”

“I didn’t sleep, there is a monster in my closet.”

Sally, his sister, is much like Michael a very attractive slightly older twin, she has long brown hair, and is a few days older than he is, she has blue eyes, and the buds of a young woman. She is dressed in short shorts and a halter top. Her long brown hair hung down to mid back.

“There are no monsters in the closet Micheal.” She said, and put out his arm.

“Although I had a weird dream that I was being tickled and I felt strangely overwhelmed.”

“There is also a girl that stares up from the attic room.” Micheal said, and he pulled at his sister’s arm.”

“Micheal.” She began but he pulled on her arm. Sally followed him onto the grass and he pointed at the house. The window was empty.

“See there is nothing there.”

“Let me show you what I found though.” Sally said, and she took his hand and he pulled back, shaking his head.

“What is wrong Michael?” Sally asked, “What is going on with you.”

“The mon…”

“Oh not that again.”

He fled from her presence, and toward the other side of the garden where he had his sandbox and his toys.

Sally watched him go, shaking her head she retreated to the doors of the basement, where she had heard sounds of moaning from below, and upon trying the doors had been unable to open them. She had hoped that together they could find out what was down in the basement, since the inner door was sealed up and had been uncovered during renovation.

The boy shook his head, bringing back current situation. His sister was trapped in the mirror with this entity and his parent was dead on the floor, disemboweled on the floor.

He could hear the moaning of his older sister as she was being violated by the evil entity. He cringed at the thought what it was doing to her. He had to save her, and had no idea how then he remembered what he was thinking before. The crucifix in the living room had a sharp bottom that looked like a dagger. He could attack with a weapon and hopefully the pure heart like he had seen in scary movies like the Amityville Horror Movie that the crucifix always seemed to save the day.

The boy darted to the front room and he jumped to grabs the crucifix from the wall, and he felt the point of the bottom where it was made of stone. He ran back toward the kitchen.

“Alright, I have Jesus on my side!” The boy said, and he charged purposely into kitchen. He stepped in front of the mirror and closing his eyes that he lashed out at the mirror with the crucifix in which the mirror shattered, there was a roar, as a flame shot out from the mirror, a purple yellow and red flare. The boy opened his eyes as his sister was thrown from interior of the mirror. Her body had been whipped; her clothes were in tatters, ripped partially from her body as it had tortured and violated her.

He knelt down to check his older sister’s neck. He felt a heartbeat there.

The boy walked over to the crucifix and he retrieved it after dropping it shattering the mirror. A moan and roar echoed through the house as a red glare and smoke filled the interior rooms.

“I can’t see you but I am not afraid anymore!” The boy shouted, holding out the crucifix, “Jesus is with me!”

“He can’t save you boy!” A voice thundered shaking the chandelier on the circling of the dining room.

“Your sister is already mine and so are your parents!”

The boy stood his ground as the entity appeared toward him and a blow backhanded Michael cheek making him reel backwards. He cried out.

He retreated to his sister and shook her.

“Sally.” Michael said quietly, and he looked up and he glared at the entity.

“I’m going to kill you.”

“ “You can’t kill me.” It said, “You will die if you try.”

“I don’t care.”

The entity’s eyes widened at the determination and the hatred in the boys eyes. He sensed that the boy had nothing to lose. Michael held up the crucifix as a dagger and he head back his arm and he rolled out of the way as the entity threw a lightning bolt his way, and with one mighty thrust threw the crucifix at him. The crucifix whistled as it sped across the room with a slicing noise of the air. It lodged in the chest of the entity.

The beast roared in pain as it went deep, piercing its heart and it reared back as it pulled the crucifix from its chest. It placed its hand against the wound, mortally wounded. The boy was struck by a lightning bolt at the same time and he stood up as the electrical charge ripped through his senses.

“I got you!” The boy screamed as he staggered and fell forward, dying on the spot so that his sister, who had survived the ordeal would live.


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