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Be careful what you wish for
"Mikhail, you will never amount to anything!" Those words are scarred into his mind.

My own father, the town drunk, had the nerve to tell me this? Mikhail was furious. He and his father argued most of the time now. It hadn't always been like that, but after the death of Mikhail's older brother Jakob, it was an almost everyday occurrence.

"Do not listen to him, Mikky", his mother tried to calm him, "He only takes his own frustration out on you." Mama was always trying to help, but little did she realize it only made matters worse to Mikhail.

Mikhail did not care anymore. "I will show him! One day, I will be a great prognosticator, and he will be sorry!"

At seventeen, Mikhail was short for his age. Wiry and unkept, with long, black, straight hair, thick eyebrows and a pointed nose and chin. All he ever wanted to do was to be able to tell the future, and make the townspeople respect him. He wanted his father to respect him more, but it was unlikely to happen as his father was too absorbed in his cups to even respect himself. Working at the lumbermill, Mikhail brought home meager pay, but it helped with the household expenses. Mikhail was even able to purchase a few books to read. It seemed reading was his one great happiness in life, for it allowed him to dream about when he could finally be on his own. "One day, soon", Mikhail promised himself, "I will care for no one but myself".

Mikhail was on his way to work. Reading one of his precious books as he hurriedly walked along the road to town, Mikhail nearly barreled into an elderly man who was traveling the other way.

"Look to where you are going!" The traveler steamed at Mikhail. Mikhail looked up to see the grizzled old man. He work a hooded cloak that had seen too many days on the road. Then he looked into the man's eyes. They were a clear blue, almost ethereal in appearance.

"I, I am sorry to run into you. I was reading, and forgot where I was", stammered Mikhail.

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