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See, Go Home Trinket Free; It's Not Easy Collect a Trinket, Remember Get Cheap Gone Cheap
Fools? Who? Why? How? Celebrating 22nd WDC Birthday today!
Only fake promise, grab a trinket, collecting a trinket, not easy today!
Only come, appear, click, be a fool, go home without a trinket today!
Love in mind, visually, wish, pray, by heart, read, see, back free today!
So, be back home trinket free, trinket less happy, T less today!

Enjoy the poem, I have tried to express it like an acrostic but I do not claim it an acrostic poem;
Some WDC members proudly announce, declare, and invite people to click the trinket and after the click, the owner, advertiser or announcer of a trinket, under the trinket write you cannot get the trinket here or somehow the owner does not allow anyone to collect a trinket so advertised, I think, this act is just like making people fools, though a trinket owner may not do this willingly, in the trinket qualifying status may be written to avoid making people fools inadvertently; interestingly, if and only if a reader does not know what is a trinket, I cannot do anything to help; I am sorry, ignorance is of no excuse, like a writer, a reader has some responsibilities, for I think, 'writing in review - 'I don't understand is a word of a fool or unwise person, I think, a reviewer should review but should not write 'I don't understand' like a fool or unwise or uncivil person; choice is a reviewer, what to write and how to write, a writer cannot comment or criticise a reviewer, as I do not, I think, harassing a writer is the cheapest job of a foolish or unwise reviewer, politeness, courtesy in word is the wisdom of a reviewer; a writer cannot complain every foolish or ignorant reviewer for the words of a review speak the stand, state, and status or wisdom of a reviewer; Thank you for reading.
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