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A murder victim comes to life and visits her murderer in jail.
"You? How the hell are you here?"

"Hello, Jack."

"Answer my question!"

"An antidote brought me back to life. Happy?"

"Antidote? Where the hell did you get an antidote?"

"Don't worry about it, jerk! What you should worry about is your life!"

"What'cha gonna do? Try to reach through these bars and kill me?"

"Maybe. If I can't kill you, I hope someone in here will!"

"Well, since you alive, the guards can just let me go."

"Well, they won't. You still killed me! Why did you do it?"

"You know why."

"What do I know?"

"You were looking at that guy!"

"What guy?"

"Don't act stupid! I saw you gawkin' at him when we were at the beach a week ago!"

"No, I didn't! He looked at me! Anyway, that is no reason to murder your own girlfriend!"

"It's your fault he looked at you! It's your fault you got killed! You deserve all that!"

"I hate you."

"Why don't you just go back to your grave and stay there?"

"Where did you even get that gun from? You're not licensed to carry!"

"I got it from my boy, Romeo."

"The drug dealer?"


"You're such an a-"

"I know I am. So, like I said, why don't you go back to bein' dead?"

"I should have known from the start you were this crazy! Right when you kept demanding my password!"

"Why you still here? Go already."

"Damn you! Trust me, Jack. This will not be the last time you see Cindy Knowles."


"How did it go?"

"I can't stand him, Wei! I'll make sure he gets what he deserves!"

"I still can't believe that antidote worked. I thought it wouldn't after I poured a drop of it on your grave last night, but now here you are. In front of me!"

"Listen, Wei. I'm thankful that your thingamabob worked, and I'm glad to see you, too, but I need your help getting revenge on Jack!

"Cindy, I don't think this is a good idea."

"Why not?"

"Well, for one, he's already in jail. And secondly, I understand you are angry, but why not just...let it go?"

"Let it go? Are you serious? He freaking killed me, Wei!"

"I understand. But now that he's in jail, there's not really a need to get revenge."

"You're nuts."

"Maybe I am, but since my antidote has worked and you've been given a second chance, you can move on and live life like you've always wanted: become a social worker and possibly build a family."

"Right now, I don't want to start a family with anyone. I just want Jack gone."

"Sometimes, moving on is the best revenge there is."

"That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!"

"Trust me. You might be happier doing that."

Maybe, she's right. Maybe I should let this go. But how can I let go of something so unforgivable?

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