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Blogging Bastion Prompt 7
Passion is the fire that keeps the logs of our hearts burning bright, and for me, that fire is called writing. I've loved English ever since I started school. I loved hearing stories and making up my own. In fact, confession of an 18 with an inner child: when I was five, every night, I went to bed and dreamt I was a spy to whom they gave the 'special' cases. So imagination was never a problem for me. It was only until I watched Sherlock that the passion for writing burned brighter... but of course, that started with ire. When the fourth season of BBC's Sherlock aired, I loved it-- but I also couldn't stand waiting for the 5th season where all the romantic tension gets resolved. I was mad at the writers and engaging them in one-ended stare contests. The end hadn't been finished. For me, the writing was floating in the air and hadn't yet landed. So, you can see where this is going.

I wrote my first ever fanfiction. But after that, I realized I wanted to write my own worlds, create my own people, and live vicariously through the plots I sculpted. And my first work? A dumpster fire. An unfinished manuscript lies on my desk to this day from when I was a thrilled fourteen-year-old who knew nothing about writing, except the books she'd read like there was a running film projector in her mind. My first failure in writing was my first masterclass.

Fast-forward four years later, I have a blog (which I often get too busy to update, shh) where I post my first draft works; I'm in the best writing community I've ever seen (I'm looking at you WDC); and I'm about to publish my first book this year, which I hear is good enough to start a series (my original intention). I've read many articles and watched countless videos on YouTube about how to build worlds, characters, and plots. Learning to refine my description was one of the best things I ever did. It's like I've moved from using acrylics to oil paint, and if you paint, you know what I'm talking about. In essence, the fire is no longer a dumpster fire, but a bonfire with cedar wood. And like Moses' bush, it's a fire that'll keep burning. Because writing? Writing is what I do.

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