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a short true story for Writer's Cramp
A sleek black female cat showed up at our door - out of the blue. Short hair and very loveable, she would come inside, but preferred being outside. We took to feeding her, and got her a food and water bowl. We set up a litterbox as well, but she rarely used it, being an outdoor cat. We called her Midnight, as she was solid black.
Her favorite thing was to leave headless mice on the front porch. I guess this was her way of showing love *FacePalm*. On the plus side, our mice population went down in and around our old farmhouse.
She did this for about 2 years, and then, just as quietly as she appeared, she disappeared. My family and I were sad after she left, and we never found out what happened to her. But I feel as though as unconventional a rescue it was, "Who rescued who?" I can answer that she rescued us.

Word Count 204

Write a STORY or POEM about someone bringing home a new pet from a rescue. Is it a dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, or ...? How does the new pet change things in the household? Include the line "Who rescued who?" somewhere in your item, bolded.
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