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by olgoat
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values in our changing world
Changing Identity

Young children are little learning machines that vacuum up whatever information is available in their environments. During their total dependence on their parents (0-7 years old) kids learn mostly what their families provide. At least, it used to be that way. The internet as a default baby sitter has opened new avenues of information that were never available before.

Even at pre-speech ages, an infant is exposed to the unvarnished world almost totally with little familial preparation for understanding the smallest part of what they are seeing. The most benign programing can and probably will be overwhelming to an ignorant mind. An ocean of information, visual and auditory is there for the hungry young mind to feed on.

What does the budding brain make of all this additional stimulus? At this point, who can tell? But learning to be a human bean is a lifelong endeavor (some never achieve it) so, it is important to build a strong foundation for it in the very early years and protect the child from inappropriate outside influences.

Enter the question of sexual confusion in the very young. The child at birth has no idea it is even a person and if it did no way of expressing it. Forget about male and female structures, they are set by genetics. There are only two sexes any confusion regarding one’s sexual identity that extents into early adulthood are aberrations and should be treated as mental health issues.

The malleable human mind especially through teenage years can be manipulated by persistent misinformed (or even mentally ill) adults and reinforced by emotionally catastrophic events to plant seeds of escapism in to young minds that are just wakening to the knowledge that life is complicated and most of the time unfair.

The long period of dependence of the human child provides endless opportunities to bend the genetically formed twig into a veritable pretzel of humanity.

If fringe groups are allowed indoctrinate our young with maladaptive life styles that make any “challenge” to them not socially acceptable, our culture is at sever risk.

We (the people) must speak up and defend our values. A person must have values to stabilize and give meaning to their life. Society not only has a right but a responsibility to establish standards for behavior and for the citizens to support them. Fear of a vocal and hateful minority must not prevent good citizenship.
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