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Sometimes we fight little battles rather than address larger ones.

Clack, clack, clack! He was sitting in the living room watching the game when the sound echoed through the room, singling once again that the argument had begun.

She was in the bathroom, slamming the toilet seat up and down, making the clacking sound much like an automatic weapon in a war movie. She hated his inconsiderate behavior and how difficult it was to put the seat down! "Why can't you just leave the seat down?" she yells.

"What difference does it make? I like to leave it up."

"It makes a huge difference to me. I almost fell in again." She stomps her foot moving from the bathroom toward the living room.

"All right, I will put the seat down. Will that help? Will that get you off my back?" he yells

"Now you're just blowing me off. You said that before but never changed anything. It would take a few seconds to put it down." She recognizes that it is silly to fight about, yet it is something safe.

"Well, how about this? If you leave it up for me, I will put it down. After all, it would only take you a few seconds too?"

Typical of him! She has given and given and asked so little in return. She really could care less about the toilet seat when so many other issues remain that are more significant. "That is silly; how would I know you're going to use it next, or for that matter, how will you know I will be next? Plus, I suspect you may want the seat down when you grab a magazine to take with you too."

"Perhaps I should build a second bathroom for each of us? Then again, I better not do that because you would complain about having to clean them both, right?"

"Geez. Why would I want to clean them both?"

"Well, honey, I am at work all day, and you are here at home; who should be doing the cleaning and, for that matter, the cooking?"

"Let's focus on the toilet seat. Of course, I will clean while you're at work." She thinks of all the cleaning and caring for the two kids and wishes she could escape working someday. He does not lift a finger, ever! She wants to discuss with him, not about a toilet seat or his lack of help around the house; she can live with what she can't tolerate any longer; knowing that he has been sleeping with her best friend.

"Deal, I will try and remember the funkin seat, and you clean this place!"

"Please try to respect me just a bit and remember the seat" She wonders if he does not respect her because she has not respected herself enough to confront him on larger, more painful issues.

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