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by BB
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God made a covenant with Abraham, and made him the "Father of many nations"..
Abram, you left for an unknown land,
obeying and trusting in the Lord.

In your heart, you knew God had a plan,
when He moved you to Canaan from Ur.

Your nephew Lot went the other way,
and wanted to settle on his own.

Later, God spared Lot after you prayed,
his land, burnt by fire and brimstone.

God saw your faith, and made a promise,
and He changed your name, to Abraham.

Try to count, every star if you wish,
but only one can, the Great I Am.

Father of many nations, He said,
and your seed will inherit the land.

Look to the Heavens, how it is spread,
all of the stars represent your clan.

And when a child of God, passes,
Inside your bosom he shall find rest.

So thick and sweet, just like molasses,
Father Abraham, how you are blessed.

And this covenant I make to you,
my dear servant, and my faithful friend.

Every word I said, is indeed true,
This promise will last until the end.

Sarah your wife, I have heard her cries,
and a baby she will soon conceive.

Even at old age, I speak no lies,
although she laughed, you better believe.

Forty long years, waiting for her chance,
her baby, she now holds in her arms.

Fell in love at the very first glance,
oh, how she did long to be a mom.

Her son Issac, such a good boy,
but he must become a sacrifice.

Her only son, their pride and joy,
and yet his father must be precise.

An angel of God was right on time,
said, the Lord has seen your faithfulness.

Issac will grow up into his prime,
and Abraham, after did profess.

His undying love, for God that day,
because Abraham, had pass the test.

Again God came through when he had prayed,
Father Abraham, how you are blessed.

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