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by jaya
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2281307
Captivating and fascinating!
Being Twenty Two.

When she turned twenty two she had the power
not to worry, nothing to fear or bother for.
A curious belle trying to know things to the core.

Twenty two! Age of reason and emotion
Succeeding silently without commotion
Friends and others listen to what you have to say,
making you feel like a million dollars every day.

Daring the risk she would go scaling the mountain,
venture into the deep sea without a speck of concern.
Mind under control, limbs fluid, a heart full of ambition
What else she’d need to reach out to the whole creation?

At twenty two, the best of both worlds is at her beck and call
The romance of dreams and the sense of the real are equal
in mix and measure, to balance and bear the odds and evens,
to live the dream, to discover new goals to achieve.

Not too young, not too mature, just the right time
to go places and meet people of different climes.
Not impetuous or procrastinating in making choices
to find harmony between body, mind and soul.

This character, bold and blessed almost looks like me
unless there is a more rounded personality called Wdc,

turning twenty two in the year of our Lord, 2022.


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