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a poem I wrote and read at my dad's funeral
Even though you're gone
we know you're still hear
and cause of that feeling
we have no fear

you were the world's best dad
we never forget the good times we had

You up with a nanny
chilling in the sky
we don't want you to go
all we do is cry

I'm going to make you proud
ill look after mam bob and laur
and our dog wolf will keep us safe too
barking at ppl who come to the door

Dad can't believe your gone
but you said 'when your numbers up it up
well, I wouldn't mind a few more numbers you.

We have loads of funny memories
when you were finishing your dinner
you said I'm stuffed i couldn't eat another bite
only 1 bean on your plate

you used to tell Lauren to stop hogging the mirror
but you were a good-looking bloke
even with the gray hair

well dad I'm going to stop now
and let you rest in peace
look after us all
and look after mam
love you dad

gill x
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