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another dream, (still not finished)
Walking in the blackness around me, I weep as I stumble over boxes. I fall hard on the cold concrete beneath my feet and bit my bottom lip trying to evade the scream to come as my left hand falls fast on a small shard of glass. Blood trickles down my bottom lip as I bite it harder trying to remove the blood stricken glass from my palm. One more quick pull and the glass releases from its grasp on my skin. Another wave of pain overwhelms my body. As I bar down with my teeth trying to keep quiet at all cost. I’m just trying to find him!! These thoughts are swarming monotonously through my mind as I frantically get up continuing to search for him. A metal box in the corner catches my eye. I slowly walk towards the metal crate unsure of what I will find. Every step that I take seems to get louder and louder, as I bump boxes and knock over breakable items in the dark. The flashlight battery had long gone out. But the moonlight had shown through cracks of the old rusty ceiling. I finally make my way to the old metal crate. I slowly open the lid of the crate before realizing that the slower I open the louder the sound will be. A horrid stench rises from the mysterious box in the corner. With one look inside, I quickly slammed the door of the crate, not caring any longer if I made a sound. I backed away from the crate slowly with a ghastly pale face. I covered my mouth with my right hand choking back vomit. It was dead bodies. Not just one dead body, but a whole crate full. Horrified at the sight. I sat down and cried, when suddenly behind me I felt a strange presence. The dead of the night had befallen me, and the old abandoned shed’s walls were closing all around me. A sound came from behind me; so horrid that I thought even the dead in the crate awoke to hear it. It crept ever so close behind me. Knowing not to turn around, I did so anyways. I slowly got up and turned around. It’s only instinct that one out of fear of being killed from behind would do so. I was surprised to learn that I wasn’t at all scared of this one as I thought I would have been. This one looked beaten already. Though beaten, it still came after me. It still wanted me. I wasn’t going to let it get in my way. I even laughed a small maniacal laugh as I looked upon the pathetic creature before me. What could this creature of the darkness do to me that was far worse then what I had already been through? Haha! I laughed again and smirked.
I began to turn away from this pathetic creature when it spoke to me. It spoke in low cracking tones. “They are coming for you.”
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