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another apocalyptic dream (STILL EDITING)
Dream. Jan 21 2022

I had a dream that originally I thought I was on a vacation of some sort with the family. But as the dream progressed I realized in the dream it was more like an apocalyptic type dream.

The air was dry, the evening drew near. We were parked in an older model brown van, on the other end of the farthest side of a grocery store parking lot. The store looked run down but we were getting hungry. I was the only one with A government food stamp type card; so I looked to my dad who had Claire asleep in his arms; and asked if ge wanted me to go for a food run. A couple of boys; like teens, saw us and practically begged for them to come with me as they overheard our conversation. They were skinny and actually looked hungry.

"Please help us, we have not eaten in days"

Dad knew I was well prepared and well equipped. He nodded his head at Claire, then nodded back to me as a sign to let them come. Because for him, it was about keeping Claire safe.

I guided the kids to the grocery store. It was airy, ridgid. Like brown smoke was everywhere. They were grabbing all kinds g foods. One was a pizza that was already cooked but though not bought we began to eat a slice anyway. The teens were actimg like teens and mingling with other teens. For a moment I almost forgot that I was grown. Then a shriek came from a room in the back. A medium stature young black woman screamed again when rats crawled out then there was rats suddenly appearing everywhere. I then began to vomit the pizza I stupidly took bites of earlier. I then realized the grocery store was shortly abandoned and the teens along with the black woman began running out of the store.

I also ran to avoid some sort of disease amd get back to my family. As I finally made it back the teens were nowhere to be seen but something else grotesque was dragging my way.

A couple of weak young lads in their 20s with horror on thier face was dragging chains. Attatched to the chains was the bloody remains of a still scarcely breathing woman. The woman had been separated at the abdomen and her guts were hanging out she was still joined at the spine. The two lads were trying to keep the woman together but with only 2 of them plus the apparent loss of reality on their faces; clearly they needed some sort of help. But at that moment, I was slowly backing up not sure if the help they needed was of me or my family.

I woke up.
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