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One of the first Lucid Dreams I had
This one belongs to me

Grey-white smoke filled the upper right corner of the room. Red smoke had filled the left corner. Darkness entered the room and heat rose from the floor. Her breath was scarce. She felt as though her heart was about to stop. A figure appeared in the right corner. He held out a gentle hand. She trembled, afraid, confused. The dark red aura from the left corner had also began to form into a figure. She did not know much, but she just knew that she was deathly afraid of the left corner.

Soon she had tried to call out His name. She realized she was asleep. She knew she had to wake up and didn't know how. She could not move. All she really knew was that it was getting harder and harder to breath. She kept calling out His name as the red aura slowly began to engulphed her.

"Do not be afraid my child." Said the sweet voice from the grey-white aura. He held out his hand strong. "Take my hand." He said. He spoke clearly to the red figure. "This one belongs to me." His voice was firm and the red aura and figure disappeared in an instant. She took hold of his hand with confidence. She gasped for air. She smiled as she fell into the loving arms of her mother.

April 7th 2018

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