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A little bit about my son
My son Kaiden Michael Murray is 5 years old, he is the most amazing kind funny caring little human iv ever met, Kaiden was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, and he has overcome so much I couldn't even put in words how proud I am but I will try, he was nonverbal but now he speaks plenty he can tell me everything which I'm so grateful for. I use to pray every night for his speech and then it came. he was in school in an autistic unit for 1 year but this year he is in mainstream school I worry so much about other kids bullying him, its hard not to be around him while he goes to school because I feel like he needs me, but his teacher and SNA told me he's doing fantastic.
There is a bench in the yard and he thinks that I wait there for him every day, I feel a bit bad for lying but I also would rather have him feel more secure if he thinks I'm just outside, the other day it was raining and I said mammy will get wet today in the yard and he said mammy I want you to go home and have a cup of tea. little things like this I love, he told me I was so beautiful the other day.
keep up the good work Lil dude
Love mammy xxx
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