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Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #2282408
Based on my continuous dreams and the attached pic.
Dreams of me resting in my sleep,
I can’t understand why I’m so silver during this leap.
From reality to divinity do I creep,
Because almighty had to choose on who to keep.
Within his army and which ones to throw away,
He kept me hid until the perfect time and day.

That my beauty would shine bright through all my strengths
What seemed like years were only days stretched into lengths.
Up out of the shallow waters did I take my last breath,
Silver twinkles blind officials while discovering my death.

As I Ascended from pulled waters my soul took its final rest,
Silver glittered braids drizzled back into the water’s nest.
Just to show-off the divine for all to witness.
GOD’s Warrior going home to join the battle against the heathenness.

Written by:
Toni Stewart-Sales,
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