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Devotion to our children momentarily pays off one morning while staring into black coffee.
Quill Nominee Signature 2022
Wish I could I have held my babes longer
now that I know

Wish I could act out a character —
their eyes mine
making them plead longer

when I couldn’t say

Whispered nights lingered
so long
falling under my own spell
in a short, tight bed —
wake to pure physiognomy

Dreams glowed outside.
I peered perfect
candy lands, laughing
in leafy canopies chase —
hid in white pajamas
stranded on gold isles
amid brave majestic mounts.

My snow globe shook
seasonal melody.

Years scaled me down —
no stealth
harnesses or gear.

I stared into a black cup
one morning —
shadow on my back
sweetly waited.
A familiar face
offered arms, momentary gift
to feel whole.

Wish I had kissed the soft cheek.
Wish I held longer.

One of us can touch clouds
taste brewing rain
see color in greater dimension.

Don’t want to escape/lose
but relive memories
of surly pirates with sugary swords
never to get a belly ache.

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44 lines, free verse

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