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An article about what yours truly has been doing...
First and foremost of all, I would very much like to apologize to my fellow members of the Writing.Com community for having been away for quite some time; I have been busy on a lot of things, and among those happen to be a few writing projects that I have been working on as well as others that I plan to get to in the future...
Anyway, I guess now would be the perfect time to tell you about a special limited series that is going to be coming up at my blog, Miss Jenn Webster (www.msjennwebster.blogspot.com); it is called The Heroic Teddy Bear, and it is a fantasy story about an old toymaker who adores a teddy bear that he has made, and that he wishes that it were real. One night, a fairy comes and grants his wish, and then uses her magic to make the teddy bear come to life!
With the teddy bear now coming to life, the toymaker becomes the best of friends with it; however, when the teddy bear does something bad and gets the blame from the toymaker, the teddy bear runs away, but then gets caught up in an exciting adventure! Now, I cannot give away any further details, so you'll just have to check out my limited series and find out! So with that, mark your calendars for this coming Friday, November 4th, for the debut of The Heroic Teddy Bear, only at my blog, at www.msjennwebster.blogspot.com!

And now, there is something else that I would like to talk about; I have just written, finished, and published an all-new series for a new platform called Kindle Vella entitled Pearl & Mari this new series is a spinoff of my previous Kindle Vella series, The Adventures of Miss Merlyn, and it concerns the two sisters of the mermaid with magic powers and who also live in an enchanted beach resort, Beach Island. Each new episode, which are published every Wednesday, is a short story that chronicles the adventures of the two mer-sisters as they try to solve a different mystery involving an object that either sister found, and then must return to its rightful owner; the first three episodes are available to read for free right now here: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0B7VXL8FQ But as for the remaining episodes, the only way to unlock them is by purchasing 200 free Kindle Vella tokens; you can learn all about how to obtain them at Kindle Vella's website right here: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella
And finally, there is something that all of you members of the Writing.Com community ought to know: With Halloween now firmly behind us, it is very well time to think about the upcoming holiday season, so if any of you happen to be stuck on what kind of digital gift to give to your loved ones, then I have this suggestion: Last year, I had written and published a Kindle fantasy book, and it happens to be the most perfect read for the holiday season: Brendella!
Brendella is the story of a young Victorian-era girl who has been forced to live in a run-down shack after losing her home, family, and possessions in a tragic fire and has since been dreaming of a much better life. One day, Brendella finds a magic spell book, and one of those spells inside the book is a chant in which to summon a mermaid! So Brendella takes the book to the beach and chants the spell in front of the ocean, and instead of a mermaid, Brendella gets a merman, but not just any merman, a merman prince, the son of the royal king and queen of the sea! Brendella and the mer-prince fall in love with each other, but just as their romance continues to blossom, Brendella gets kidnapped by a giant worm!

And what happens next? Well, you'll just have to find out in this most extravagant Kindle fantasy of all, Brendella, which is available for purchase now at the Amazon Kindle Store! To purchase a Kindle copy, either for your Kindle or your smartphone or tablet device that has got a Kindle app, and either for yourself or as a great digital gift, go to this link right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09D3Y1WWR
Well, that is all for the time being; with November being a month of thankfulness, I would very much like to give my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you in this great writing community for offering me a place in which I can share my writing creativity. I hope that I will do more of the same in the coming months. With *HeartP*-JW
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