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There are ''Unwritten'' Promises
''Have I Ever Lied To You?''

Written by Jenni Bailey

A child is suppose to put trust their parents, right? I looked up to my Dad for a long time, trusted in his words, and actions, even if they were questionable at times...the trust was always there. When he would talkto me, he would say, ''have I ever lied to you?'' I always replied, ''no'' with confidence. As time went by, and I get older, he would ask me the same question: ''Have I ever lied to you?'' By this time, I had a different feeling about his question and my reply back, but I still responded with ''no.'' Why, if it wasn't the truth? I was afraid of his reaction to my response if I responded with ''yes.''

Now, that my Dad is distanced from me, I can be honest with myself, and think back on his question...''have I ever lied to you?'' I can respond with clarity. ''Yes, Dad, you have lied to me.'' You were suppose to take care of me...you didn't. You lied about that
You are suppose to love me unconditionally...you don't. You lied about that
You were suppose to protect me from abuse...you didn't. You lied about that
You were, and still are suppose to care about my Cerebral Palsy, and help me...you haven't. You lied about that
You were suppose to be my safe haven...you weren't. You lied about that, etc...

These are ''Unwritten'' Promises. Parents are suppose to keep these promises. I'm an adult now, and I will always be your daughter(even when you've disowned me) . I always love you...but I don't need to like you, and I CERTAINLY DON'T trust you.

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