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Elections Bringing Back the People It In Eight

Elections Bringing Back the People It In Eight

The election showed the world
That the power of the people
Will eventually prevail
That sanity might slowly
Becoming back to the land
As MAGA extremists lost
Despite the former guy’s attempts
At a unlikely come back.

Pick up a book, turn to page 21, and without looking, put your finger on a spot on the page. That’s your first word. Then do that again on page 34. Now you have two words to include in your poem. (Below your poem, please share the book you used to find the words!)

The election

From Ted Wilmer Lincoln on the Verge – Thirteen Days to Washington

Comment: Ironic that the two words I randomly chose were elections and power. The book ‘Lincoln on the Verge” is a very powerful and moving book on Lincoln’s election and his trip to return to DC by train just before inauguration. It was also just after telegraphs had become common place and people could read his speeches and campaign statements almost instantly in their local papers which was a revolutionary change in US history that is not appreciated enough. The telegram was called “Lightening” at the time. I kind of like that term, much more colorful than the pedestrian sounding telegram.

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