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The Tilden Park Mad Bagpiper Strikes Again for Express In Eight

The Mad Bagpiper Strikes Again Writing com

25 words

Sam Lee was walking
In Tilden park in the Berkeley Hills,
High above the San Francisco Bay.
On a foggy morning.

There were rumors of a mad bagpiper
Who roamed the hills during foggy mornings
Playing bagpipe, then emerging from the fog
And killing strangers leaving their bodies behind.

Before playing a funeral dirge on his bagpipe.
Disappearing into the fog.
No one had seen the bagpiper
Or recorded his bag pipping.

He was lost in thought about his past life
Thinking that his end was coming soon
He then heard the bagpiper pipping away
He recorded the sounds and sent them to his friends

Then he saw it, a tall headless man
Riding a black horse
The bagpiper looked at him and said.
“I am the grim reaper
Your time is up.”

Sam pulled out a gun
And shot at it, but it kept coming at him.
Sam's body was found the next day
His video encounter went viral.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, November 19, is National Blow Bagpipes Day . Write a story or poem about someone trying to hide from all the bagpipes.

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