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What you can see in another that they refuse to see
I see you, handsome

Your pain and your torment

I can almost feel what you felt

In that moment

It is in your eyes and every time you

Speak, holding it all inside

Because to release the pain, you feel

Makes you weak

They tried to put you in a box, tried

To break you in the beginning

But it will be them who will

Suffer without you, in the ending

The nurturing you never felt

The lack of love, protection

Man, if they could see you now...

In my eyes, you resemble, pure perfection

I see strength, knowledge

Someone who is wise beyond his years

Even in unbearable situations, not

Once do you shed a tear

You have so much potential

With world changing ideas...visions

You stand stuck, hesitating with


Believe me when I say, “you are what this

World needs.” someone to educate them

On the flaws of now

You illustrate what every man should aim to be

I see you, handsome
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