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What Christmas Means to Me by Fantasia

This song just makes me want to dance to the beat every time I hear it! The first time I've heard this song, it was played on Google Music. But Fantasia's version wasn't the first one I've heard. It was by a Christian artist named Mandisa that sang it. And just like Fantasia, she killed the song! Again, even though I'm single, I love the fun, romantic feel to it. I could add it to a list of songs I would dance to with my future boyfriend. Well, you know, if he likes the song, too.

I haven't started hearing this song until I was in college. That just kind of shows that this song hasn't been played as much in stores or radio stations as other Christmas carols. At least not the ones I've visited. But they play this one version all the time at my job and it's always by someone named Darlene Love. I know that the song was written by the great Stevie Wonder in 1967. My dad knew almost all of the oldies. Well, at least the African American ones. From Donny Hathaway to Luther Vandross, he introduced me to a good number of them. Even though we didn't listen to them while I grew up (we only listened to Gospel music), I knew at least who Stevie and Michael Jackson were. But I started being introduced to Stevie from a famous competition: American Idol, I think? As a blind man, he's an inspiration to so many people! As a visually impaired person myself, this gives me hope that you can achieve anything despite your challenges. I'm glad I got to hear this song from a talented man. Thank you, Stevie for bringing this amazing song to the world!
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