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perfect Christmas Dinner for recipe contest

Perfect Christmas Dinner

Growing up in Berkeley
In the 60s and 70s
My favorite holidays
Were Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

My mother was from Arkansas
And did a traditional southern style
Holliday treat- the same meal
For both days,

She cooked
But the kids helped out
And my father carved the bird

Started with a big bird
Turkey of course
Stuffed with stuffing.

Although we lived in Berkeley
In the “world according to Mary Aller”
Thanksgiving, and Christmas
Must feature a turkey
Never a goose, duck, Cornish game hen
And especially God forbid a Tofu Turkey

The stuffing consisted of
Commercial stuffing mixture
Bread and herbs.

And added to the mix
With apples, mushrooms
Onion, carrots, ham, and bacon bits
And a little orange juice.

The sides were great

Green beans

Greens southern style
Either collard or spinach. turnip, or kale
Or all four

Boiled with bacon, brown sugar,
Molasses, and ham bits
And bourbon for flavoring

Grits with cheese and bacon bits
gravy cooked in bacon grease
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Wild rice
White rice.

And pecan pie
With vanilla ice cream
For dessert

Wine, and bourbon
For the adults

FORUM Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest (E)
Welcome to Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest
#2268006 by Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas (328)

Welcome to Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest

I would like to give a big Thank you for the awardicon to Samberine Everose ! It's greatly appreciated!

This Contest will end in Countdown Expired
same as New York City time!

What is "Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest"?

Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest is a new contest for those who love to cook and write! The challenge will involve choosing appropriate recipe(s) to share and also writing a short (under 700 words) piece of whatever type you choose that relates in some way to your chosen recipe! Each month, I'll post a new prompt (or prompts) here. Please check the rules below for more info!

~ Rules ~

1. Your writing must be a Recipe and a Short Story.

2. You can submit up to 2 entries per person per round. The recipes should be in recipe format.

a. The first one could be your type of Comfort Recipes.
b. The second could be a Dessert Recipe.
c. Or both types of recipes

3. Only 700 words per entry for your Recipe and 500 words for your short story.

4. Recipes may be previously written but NOT previously awarded, but your written portion of the contest MUST be newly written.

5. Please add a link to your favorite recipe if can be found online. For instructions on how to link to a website, please visit WritingML Help for links.

6. You may edit your entry up until the due date. Please no editing after this, or your poem will be disqualified.

7. The deadline for your entry will be 11:59 EST on the last day of each month.

8. There must be three entries for the first place to be awarded. A minimum of five entries for first place, second place, and third place are to be awarded. Any Honorable Mentions will be given out at the judge or judge's discretion.

9. Your entry MUST be posted in the forum in bitem form {bitem: XXXXXXX}, item form {item: XXXXXXX}, or book-entry form {entry: XXXXXXX} with the X's being the item number.

10. Please add word count, and the prompt to the BOTTOM of your page, or your entry will be disqualified.

11. Please use a Dropnote like this
Rules ▼ Now, I have named it "Rules," but you may give it another name if you would like.

{{Dropnote: "Rules"}
Word Count:
Recipe Format:
Recipe Notes:

12. I will review, judge, award, and make winner announcements by the 14th of each month, sooner if possible. Please do NO edits until after the Winner has been announced, or you will be disqualified. I don't want that to happen because we are all very gifted writers.


Expression/Presentation (covers the form, structure, and story)
Grammar and Punctuation
Impact on readers
Relevance to the topic

These areas will be rated from 1 being the lowest score and 10 being perfect.


1st Prize: 10k Awardicon and 5k GPs

2nd Prize: 5k GPs

3rd Prize: 2k GPs

Honorable Mentions: 1k GPs

Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen is being featured in
The Contest Challenge December 2022.

FORUM The Contest Challenge (13+)
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#2109126 by Schnujo (2131)

Thank you, Sharmell!


You're invited to create/submit a new recipe from one of the categories listed below. Along with the recipe, please write a short story on anything you like, provided the recipe you've submitted is somehow included within the story. It can be mentioned, described, eaten, or (... you get the idea!) by at least one of the main characters.

Regular Recipes
Organic Recipes
Low Carbs Recipes
Vegans Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes
Organic Vegans Recipes
Organic Vegetarian Recipes
Low Carbs Vegan Recipes
Low Carbs Vegetarian Recipes

If you would like you may make your story a Christmasy story Since this month is Christmas.

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