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My thoughts on this very special holiday...
Well, that most joyous season of the year is upon us once again...What is it? It's Christmas! Yes, I know, isn't it? This year has certainly gone by so very fast. Anyway, the calendar is on the very last page of the year called December, and with that final month of the year, it is very well time to look back and think about what we have accomplished in the past year, while at the same time look forward to the next one.
Meanwhile, we plan and prepare to celebrate Christmas; but while it is good to think about all of the beautiful things that Christmas brings, such as gifts, Santa Claus, and trees, let's not ever forget about whose birthday we are celebrating. Yes, Christmas is a birthday, the birthday of the One who was sent to earth to bring light and hope to the world, the One who was born in a stable in Bethlehem from a virgin named Mary, who grew up to become the most wonderful preacher and teacher that there ever was, and was crucified, died, and buried to save all of us. You know Who I am talking about, right?
Yes, Christmas is a celebration of a birthday, the birthday of a Savior, who has saved all of mankind from the power of Satan, Who taught us all to love one another and to love others as He Himself loved us. He also taught us to live a life of peace, love, and unity, and after all, isn't that what Christmas was and should really be about?

As Christmas approaches, let us not forget the real true meaning of the season and to love as He first loved us. Merry Christmas, with *HeartP*-JW
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