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by Ash
Rated: E · Documentary · Action/Adventure · #2286355
They are from the SCP foundation and you get to choose which one...
Alexi has 6 children and all of them were born illegally, Aldrianna, Rihanna, Hannah, Camillo anne, selena, and amiliono. 5 girls and one boy.

The water rushed torwards the shore, the sun low in the sky, the sand, soft and warm, and peaceful. minutes later...

A small object, unusual in the water flowed slowly, wave by wave towards the shore, no one else was around, the "funny" thing was it looked kinda like a human, a dead one.

Kind of panicked i got up and ran towards the object, the closer i got the faster my heart began to pump.

It's not a body theirs no way.

My son closed his eyes and looked away.

"Momma, Momma I wanna go home, now"-Amiliono

I looked down...It was the body of an unknown person, no one they have ever seen, but it still worried them.

Alexi grabbed her phone took a picture and called the police.


"Hold on sweetheart"-Alexi

The police told her to wait there but she couldn't she seen a man walk torwards her, almost like a demon type figure, she knew it was just her schizophrenia but it still terrified her, blood was coming out his mouth and he looked like he had fangs, his face was white and almost see-through.

"Momma, Momma, your scaring me"-Amiliono

"We gotta go"-Alexi

Alexi realized that she would have to explain where the kids came from and she couldn't do that, she would get into trouble, so she left and she left no trace behind her in hopes that they won't follow the tracks.

What should happen next?...
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