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by Ash
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Anytime, anyday,anywhere.
Anytime I pray god responds, he helps me through my good and my bad situations, then I remember when he died for us, the pain it caused him and everything following his death. Anyday I read the bible is the day god 's spirit lives through my body. Anyday is the day everyone prays. Anyday life could make a turn for it's worst or for the better. Anywhere you pray is a good way who knows what could have happened if you didn't pray for someone, who knows what's going on in crazy peoples minds.

All i'm saying is that god is our only Father and that doesn't mean you don't have a dad, you do. To god all things are possible as long as you have the gift of believing. If you pray and ask for forgiveness it is said that in the bible god forgives every soul 77 times. He gives us another chance so maybe that's what we should do for each other, too.

God is the healer and you ask for healing and he will heal you.

Those who believe have to be under the laws of the Christ in order to go to heaven, his rules are strict and you have to be perfect in his eyes perfect means you have to be holy.

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