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I just had to write something about my favorite music band. I think they are amazing!
Once as a teenage, I was on a rampage
I saw a band of Dragons, singing on the stage

They sang a song; Demons
They had my demon in command
All the wrong I banned, taking my stand
In that uptight, I started to wright
In that night, I became a knight

I was underage, but I still had my rage
They sang that song, that could never age

They sang a song; Bleeding Out
They showed a route to let it all out
Found the way out, to escape my doubt
In that fight, I found the light
And to this night, it still burns bright

I was having a burst of outrage
Then I heard them sing on stage

They sang a song; All Eyes
To fight my nightmares they advise
I comply quietly in total surprise
I rise to that song, to my dream it applies
As they invite me to improvise

I knew I had to break the cage
Their lyrics I wrote on a page

They sang a song; On Top Of The World
Feeling inspired, I aimed to get on top of the world
They gave me a sight, I could see through the night
With that light, I learned to be polite
Sometimes in the midnight, I recite, what I could write

They sang a song; Monster
Their song, made me an enhancer
I found the cure to my cancer
A youngster, who was a nonbeliever
Finally, I became the believer
All the answers, I began to register
Slowly, I learned to be an adventurer


This was written after a request from my son aka Monkey Jr 😜
He said
"Dad, if you love Imagine Dragons so much, why not write something about them? And why not make every verse about a particular song of them that you happen to like the most?
I think that will be amazing!"

Well, this was the result.
Share your thoughts please?
It would mean alot since it took me 4 months to complete this
I have never worked on a poem this long!
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