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The title speaks for itself
Parting is never easy
One part being happy, the other sad
Happy for a future full of miracles
Sad for what is left behind.

Parting does hurt
For the bonds that are broken
But healing will follow
Through new bonds being built.

Parting is going new ways
Taking along good memories
Looking for new ones to form
Choosing a direction in life.

Parting can tear you apart
For the loss of your company
But comfort is found
By finding new ones.

Parting is such a hard thing
Loosing all senses eyes filled with tears
Pulling your senses together
Finding reasons to move on.

Standing at the crossroad
Not knowing where to go
Choosing a direction
Never standing still.

Leaving everything behind
And start over new
Knowing it is for the better
And parting makes sense.

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