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A combination of true, funny and inspiring stories in a free verse poetry.
(On Your Mark)
I was thinking of a way to pen this one down, rules can go up and down
I have a history with complicated memories that can easily get me frown
Scratching my head, was thinking of keeping this poem on hold;
then mama bear showed up
She can see the title 'Rules makes no sense'
She said, "What rules? There are no rules for monkeys! Just be free, my Handsome-Monkey"

Oh, Mama Bear, you know how to turn me on, now I will be writing until dawn!
Thought writing down this poem was going to be hard, but Mama Bear;
you just showed me my triumph card
“My Handsome-Monkey”
With that slogan of yours, I have to admit, that was a good fit;
this poem will be a good hit

There was a time when I used to write, had no clue if that was alright
Shared some of them with one of my friends
She said, “What the hell? This is beautiful”
And went on to introduce me to the world of poetry
Bet she didn't know I was the one who was surprised the most
“I have been a poet for years without knowing I was one!” is what I thought!

(Alright, let's go!)
Surely poetry has a rich history, and rhyme can give off a good delivery
But for me, it's only flowery, when it reaches to my family
Glad to know the history of poetry goes a long way back
But I am just a man who wants to escape his mind
There was a time when I used to write in so many ways;
Though all my friends asked me to write in the simplest ways
From there on I chose to write in a way, even my seven-year old can understand
He would say, “Dad, that was beautiful, read me more!”

(It's on)
For some, poetry is all about balancing symmetry, or making it a perfect rhyme
And then there's me: who chose to bring out the perfect imagery, and write it down sincerely
No form of poetry is bad, as long as you can understand
Learning a thing or two, or relating yourself to it somehow

(My Home)
Growing up, I was never one to obey the rules;
and always got into trouble
My momma tried to beat some sense into me, but I will be damned if I ever let that stop me
Papa used to get so mad, he ran out of ideas to punish me;
for the trouble I used to cause
I now understand why he got bald so fast, this monkey made his hormones go wild
He once asked me, "boy, when are you going to learn?'
I told him "the day your head stops shining brighter than the sun"

No wonder my momma still reminds me to be nice;
there was no monkey ass like me around
My brothers were soccer nerds, I used to annoy them with my farts
They were crazy about someone named Ronaldo, he was from Brazil;
oh, damn, he had a weird haircut I could not understand!
I was a fan of Iron-Mike-Tyson;
hot damn, that dude knew how to beat an ass

And when my brothers told me he sucks, I picked a fight with them both all on my own;
and almost-won

(That School)
There was a time when I went to school, all my teachers;
I used to call them all-fools

When they wanted to throw me out of the class, I would just run around like a crazy monkey-ass
When they could not catch me, I would call them fat-ass to make them even more mad!
When they wanted to teach something besides math, I would just scream to make them stop!
I was the famous monkey in the entire school, everyone knew I was one of a kind fool

I am in my early thirties today, thank you, Almighty;
for teaching me how to obey!

Got myself a sexy-wife, with whom I can dance, and romance
Calling her 'Mama-Bear' is fun, with her, I now have a son
We both would go on to run, after we drive her mad like a crazy-nun

(Rules Of Poetry)
Writing poetry for me is just fun, the only way to escape my mind
And now I am being held back by some rules again?
I tried to learn all these rules on my own, but damn baby;
I work more than ninety hours a week!
My job drives me nuts, no wonder when I get to home;
I just go on to grab my wife's buns!
She likes to act as if she doesn't enjoy that, but I can tell you;
she is just playing hard to catch

(Monkey Jr)
Little monkey Jr is just like me, I can tell;
he is always reading something on his mama's cell
He wants to read something I have written, and now I have run out of poems
Last week, when he found out I had nothing for him to read;
he went on to read me a story of his own

(His Story)
​“Once up on a time, there was a fairy who met a boy.
They both talked a little, and agreed to meet on the beach the next day.
And when the boy went to meet that fairy, she went on to EAT him. The end”

Mama Bear laughed out loud, but daddy monkey was wowed
You are only a seven-year-old, and you already make me proud
Oh, little monkey Jr, you would know how to make a crowd shout out loud;
I have no doubt
Daddy monkey got your back, don't you worry about losing track
All your fear I can teach you to hack, just don't think about ever going back

(Oh, It's 1am already?
Okay, let the following be for you, dear reader)

Oh, dear reader, you are a believer
Let's go on a ride that will bring us all closer
You are an adventurer, I know simply because here you are
You may think I am better, but I just happen to have a good adviser
Here we are reading together, our hearts growing bigger;
as we move on with the adventure

(Our Lives)
Throughout our lives, we can be negatives-positives;
sometimes we can be offensives-hard to find motives;
but our stories survives-poetry thrives

I face my problems together with my wife, we always do a high-five;
she taught me to give, and to forgive
Mama bear asked me to dig, all my stories of how I used to be a prig;
how I used to jig, and how I can be a trig

Can you see, the art of poetry, and the true beauty?
We don't have to be unique, sometimes we are weak;
but we can always speak

Tomorrow Christmas arrives, good day for our lives;
I am just a man from the Maldives.

Okay, time for me to go away;
put my thoughts into bay
It's 3am, I have a feeling I have written something quite amusing;
too much can be boring.

Oh? Wait. Mama Bear has fallen asleep;
more time for me to write and read that I get to keep
One or two more verses won't hurt, right?
Think-blink, there goes that nerve in a clink;
everything is now in a perfect sync
Guided by the instinct, here I go in that instant

This is a message for you new poets:
learn to put your thoughts together in your head

Trust your gut, don't say but;
you are only letting yourself be shut
Your skills don't need to be the best, put that thought to rest;
move on with the quest
Life is a test, you are blessed;
those thoughts in your head is a guest
Learn to invest, there is no such thing as a limit;
you will eventually find your secret

Who are we to judge, you who write to escape the thoughts in your head?
You are barely holding on to a thread, you feel like you are dead;
with those thoughts in your head, unsaid

Here I am, feeling like a two-hundred-pound gem;
nerves in my head going on-and-off like bam-bam; Oh, damn

There are rules to write, I know;
but let it be known that I just don't care
thinking like a monkey, I am free, going on a writing-spree of poetry

It's 5am, Mama Bear is calling me out, time to get on that bed;
and get myself a well-earned rest.

Note: I started off with trying to express how difficult it is to follow the rules of strict rhyme poetry. But as you know, mama bear came by and said something that completely changed everything.
Thanks for the slogan babe, this was a fun ride.
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