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by GiGi
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Here lies, my heart. May it rest in peace.
I push my shovel four inches underneath the worm infested dirt, scooping the most possible. Three feet, I have dug. Beads of sweat run down my face and neck, and the smell of the decaying body starts to emerge, the torture of digging her up will be worth it.

Five feet dug now. The smell makes me gag, and I can hear pests moving around, it angers me, how those filthy animals are moving and munching on my beautiful daughter. I dig faster.

My shovel collides with Elizabeth's velvet red casket, I get on my knees and push all the dirt off of the peak. The nails that shut her case are lifted, so I open the box. Disgusting rats and roaches swaddle around her.

Elizabeth is now a orange and green color apposed to her natural brown and golden complexion, her hair is now thin, not thick and curly like usual, she is still in her puffy pink and white Victorian dress from when she was buried, god did she love that dress. Images of Elizabeth twirling with the dress against her body run my mind.

"God Eliza, what have you done to yourself my baby?" I drag the back of my hand from her forehead to her chin. My voice is high pitched, I'm forcing myself to not cry.

I stared at Eliza until she made me sick to my stomach. She doesn't deserve this. I put one hand under her head and the other at her waist moving her to the side. I crawl into the casket and hold her to me.

"I'm so sorry baby, I should have been there when you needed me." my voice cracks mid sentence. I close my eyes and move my head to her decaying shoulder.

After I can't bare the smell of her body I sit up shaking off the pests that latched onto me. I take my hand and put it to my heart, pushing it until I break skin, then further, and further, until I can feel my heart beating in my hand, I grip it and pull out. I watch how my heart still beats in my palm, how curious it is, how curious it looks. After a bit, I place it where Elizabeth's heart would be, and stand up.

I climb out of the grave, I touch the hole in my chest with a singe finger, using the blood I carried, next to "Elizabeth Castro", I drag my finger and writing "and my heart."

I'd give anything for my daughter, even my beating heart.

[A/N not to ruin the mood, which I totally will, but I actually got inspiration for this from the song 'I Cum Blood' by Cannibal Corpse and had it on repeat whilst writing, I think that's pretty funny! ANYWAYS HAPPY READING!!]
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