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Outline of the project
Week Three
Diabetes happens when a body can not take sugar (glucose) into its cells and use it for energy affecting our hearts, kidneys, eyes and nerves. So, it is a very harmful disease. A Diabetes patient can live a long and normal routine lifestyle, but regular medication and a few restrictions will be there forever.
The doctor intimates to me that one patient per million only faces psychological disorders. To avoid those rare incidents, our scientists do miracles. Today, Sugar-free sweets, Jams, and biscuits can get everywhere. So there are no food restrictions required. You can get sugar-free Cadbury and sugar-free sweet candies here and there.
If you suffering from the disease, there is n need to be frustrated. You can enjoy your life with normal habits through sugar-free. But do not forget to take daily medicine or medicines.
When you were not a diabetic, you took minimum care to maintain body-blood circulation regularly, you must not see these unfortunate days now. So, you should adopt regular morning or evening walk with light free-hand exercise daily.
If you do not have the disorder, but crossed thirty, you must check your sugar at least once a year.
Prevention is better than cure. Always remember the fact.
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