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Was trying to write a horror poem, but the verses just wouldn't go there.
Æons of darkness keep on
Drowning your naked mind,
Drenching you in sorrows
As your sanity doth unwind.

Æons of calamities are still
Tormenting your very soul,
Echoing throughout your life
Your dreams are put on hold,

Æons of horror are stalking
'Cross the void of time and space,
Holding back your upward move
Locking you into this awful place.

Æons of disasters playing out
Within your short lifetime,
Keeping you in icy darkness
Far away from summer climes.

Æon long holocausts daunting
Haunting you all day and night,
Bring you monstrous images
Parading within your feeble sight.

Æons of darkness flooding
Through your tortured mind,
Making you long for a better place
Way back in some distant time.

Æon long terrors are recalling
Catastrophes from long ago,
Before the decades overwhelmed
Before your hair turned to snow.

Æon long nightmares pouring
Within your sleeping brain,
Shredding your very sanity
Slowly driving you insane.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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