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National Eat Kimchi Day for Writer's Cramp

Today is National Eat Kimchi day
Celebrating Korea’s culinary gift
To the entire world

There are hundreds of variations
Of Kimchi
Every family has their recipe

But the basis remains the same
Pickled vegetables
Usually fermented cabbage
As the base ingredient

Made with garlic, onion
Oyster and fish sauce
Salt and pepper
Sometimes with anchovies
Sometimes using cucumbers
Dandelion, or turnips

Koreans eat Kimchi
With every meal
Swear that the probiotics
Will kill off cancer, COVID
And anything else that ails you

So today go out
And eat Kimchi
As part of
National Eat Kimchi Day

" WINNER AND NEW PROMPT - DUE SUN FEB 5" 17 hours 49 minutes 56 seconds
After already having eggs/toast, I found out that today (Feb 4) is National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Surprisingly, this holiday was invented in New York in the middle of the winter in the 1960s and is held on the first Saturday.

In the spirit of eating unusual things for meals/snacks, take a crack at creating your holiday by filling in the bolded "blanks" below - and write about its first observance:

National Eat (food) for (meal/snack) Day

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