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Tod gets abducted and we meet Adrien's mother. Roul meets Demitrium.

Book 1

Chapter 2

Tod ducked a slash at his throat from his assailant and took his own slash. This particular werewolf lured him away from his pack to fight him one on one, or so he thought, a black and white werewolf jumped out from behind a tree and Tod turned around and kick-flipped off that same tree. Just as the first wolf came charging Tod swiped out at his throat and blood spewed everywhere. He fell to the frozen ground as blood reddened the snowy earth.

Tod took several steps back as the black and white wolf lunged at him. He stuck his claws deep inside Tod's belly pushing him into the tree. Tod and the attacking wolf grew close enough to smell each other's icy breath. Tod head butted him backing him away from the tree and releasing his claws from Tod's gut. Tod started to heal as he lunged and shoved his opponent to the ground. Tod took several steps back taking another swipe as he regained his balance.

He lunged at Tod one more time and Tod sidestepped the attack. Slamming his head face first into the tree the sound of a snapping neck was heard loudly affectively killing that wolf and finally fell to the frozen ground.

He raced back to the camp. There were dead all over the camp. The other pack was almost decimated. He watched Chad get thrown to the ground and killed. Lying on the ground, he watched as Chad changed back into human form. Several Washers rushed him and finished him off. The battle was over and only one wolf from the enemy pack remained. He had given himself up to Tod's pack turning himself back into his human form signaling his surrender.

"Tod! Look out!" Tod was still at the tree line assessing his next move.

As he stood there a he felt long clwas dig deep into his shoulders and a hard knock on his head then felt nothing as the world turned dark.

He trapped a deer and killed a rabbit, giving thanks to both. The deer for hope and the rabbit for himself. He skinned the rabbit to get it ready for his dinner. Most of the meat he gets he smokes into jerky but once in a while, as is the case with this rabbit he will cook it and eat it like a big juicy steak.

"Where am I, and who are you?" She said groggily. "And why am I so hungry."

He hadn't realized that she doesn't know what happed while under Roul's spell.

"I'm really not sure how to tell you this,"

"Is that meat for me, I'm really hungry," She interrupts.

"Don't you want it cooked?"

"No I'm so hungry I can eat it raw, I don't care. Let me have it. Pleeaase?"

"If you insist, but I've got to tell you, you won't be able to keep it down."

"I don't care I want food now!"

He knows that she can eat the meat raw if it still has blood in it. However, he sucked it dry before he killed it.

She grabbed a rabbit leg and started chewing on the tough meat. After the second swallow she started vomiting. Hope wiped her mouth and took a few more bites of the raw rabbit with the same results. She stopped and looked around for a minute in complete confusion.

"Why do I keep throwing up, and why the hell is there a deer in this cave? Wait. Why are we in a cave?"

"I have much to tell you my dear Hope."

"Wait, how do you know my name?" She demanded.

Suddenly, the boulder to the cave opened up and a woman walked in and closed it behind her.

She was in white robes and it somewhat glowed with a long brown braid hanging behind her.

Adrien hadn't seen her like this in a long time; in fact, he hadn't even seen her in a long, long, time. "Mom?!"

Hope sat there in awe on the crimson couch in complete confusion. 'Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?'

"What are you doing here?"

"I am here to save your butt, that's what!" She yelled.

"What do you-"

"You have taken in a vampire as your own, this is forbidden and you know it!"

"She's an innocent. She is too young and I want to train her to be a righteous vampire, I know there are a few out there, I've seen it with my own eyes. They protect the innocent, even from other humans at times." He calmly explains.

"You are NOT their savior! I don't care what you're thinking. This is forbidden. I forbid it!" She yelled.

A scowl crawled across his face as his eye's narrowed.

"Yeah well, I am doing the exact same thing that you did with dad, but you took it a step farther and married him!" He shouted. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?"

Now she got even angrier, she spread her shimmering white wings in a flash, and he watched her eyes narrow as she slammed her hand on the table.

"You watch your tongue. God himself told me to marry him!"

"That's bullshit and you know it! God cast you out of the heavens and made you mortal for it! I thought angels weren't supposed to lie."

She reared back in shock. 'Had I just lied to my son?'

"What's the matter mom?" He sarcastically remarked.

"That's not the point. I am here to keep us both out of trouble. God is very displeased with you and says that if I can't control you there will be repercussions for the both of us. I don't want to see that happen to you. I don't care about myself; I just don't want you to get into trouble." She looked at him inquisitively for just a second. "You're not going to give this up, are you?"

"Nope. She's here to stay; at least until I'm sure she can handle herself and understand right from wrong."

"Hey! I know right from wrong!" Hope strongly interrupts. "I'm not an idiot?

They both turn to face her.

"Feisty one, isn't she?" She said. "She's going to be a tough one and what do you know about raising a teenage girl?"

"I will learn as I go, mom."

"So if you're going to continue with this I might as well get to know her." His mom told him. She turned to face hope and walked toward her, then stops when she saw her slowly backing away from her. "I won't hurt you; I can't. I am bound by my oath to God. Now, what is your name dear?"


"Good, my name is Victoria. Where are you from?"

"I come from a town called Akart. I had to run away from my parents."

"Why is that?"

"They wanted me to become a whore."

"Oh my, that is a good reason to run away. How old are you Hope?"


"That's awfully young to be doing something like that. In fact it's sinful at any age."

"That's why I had to leave. I just still can't believe they sold me to a peddler."

"Since I can't change my son's mind about this I will have to accept this [. . . .] For now."

"So if you're an angel than that makes him an angel and I'm a demon?" Hope said in shock.

"Actually I'm half vampire and half angel. My mom is an angel and my dad is a vampire. I'm sorry to say but a vampire turned you. You are now a full blooded vampire, but you're not a demon." He told her.

She sat back down on the sofa and put her head in her hands. When she looked back up; she had tears in her eyes and a look of confusion on her face.

"Why did you turn me?" She asked him.

"I actually didn't turn you. I was trying to stop the madman that did this to you."

"So what does this all mean?"

"It means that you're now immortal and will eventually turn evil. It's just in your nature dear." Victoria told her.

"No mom, I believe I can keep her good and no matter how long it takes, no matter what the consequences are I am going to keep her righteous." He told Victoria.

"But I am good. I know right from wrong." Hope said.

"You will eventually turn away from the good you will get consumed with your new powers and then someone will have to kill you." Victoria said.

"Mom! Stop it! You're scaring her!"

"What! I don't deserve that!" Hope said now even more fearful.

"You will my dear." Victoria said then turned to her son. "She should be scared and know the full truth of what she has now been forced into."

"Not if I have anything to do with it." Adrian yelled.

"You will fail, God himself has seen it." Victoria said calmly.

"He never saw you getting married to my father now did he? He's not ALWAYS right and you know that! I will prove him wrong about her."

"I fear for you my son, but if you're going to do this I will be checking up on you. So expect to see me a lot more."

"Sure, I hardly ever see you in all these years but once I'm in trouble, and you're in trouble, you will see me all the time?"

"That is just the way it's going to have to be until you give up this foolish quest of yours. I shall leave you to school her. I will see you again [. . .] soon"

The boulder slides across the floor as if by magic and then closes behind her.

Hope sits on the couch with her arms crossed and a very angry look on her face.

"I don't even know where to start." He said.

"How about how this happened to me and what the hell am I supposed to eat, I'm still starving! And who the hell are you?"

"I am Adrien and I am here to train you and as for the deer, that deer is here to feed you and then I will save the meat for me later."

"I'm supposed to feed on that? I thought vampires only sucked human blood?"

"Most of them do, but I have found that using animals works just as well and you don't have to kill any humans."

"Well, that's good to hear."

He showed her how to locate the artery on the deer and showed her how to feed. He fed first and the deer bucked. He directed her mouth to the flowing blood of the artery and she began to drink. With blood dripping from her mouth she stopped to look at its closing eyes.

"Have more if you want," He said as the deer started to lay down in her weakness. "use it all, I'm going to cook it up anyway and blood is only good while it's still warm." She hesitantly continued sucking on the deer until there was no more left.

"Oh my god! Did I kill it?" She said as she held the deer's head and looked into its lifeless eyes. She started sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.

"Your first kill is the hardest but I want you to thank the animal for giving you the strength you need to live. I know that will be hard.

She continued to look into its eyes and through tears and a shaky voice she thanks the deer for giving its life to her.

"You will need to learn how to kill animals I'm afraid." He said with a sad look on his face. "You look tired. Why don't you get some sleep and I'll tell you more when you awaken. How does that sound?"

She nodded and headed reluctantly to the only bed in the cave.

Roul sits on his Victorian style throne in the main chamber of his mansion. He pulls out his gold watch and opens it with a sigh.

"I think it's time for me to go shopping. I'm hungry." He said without looking up.

"Yes father, would you like us to accompany you this evening?" Jet asked.

"I think I shall go it alone tonight." "He said.

The flames from the oil lamps dimly lit the streets. Though it was dark the shops hadn't all closed yet. It was still relatively early.

He strutted into a furniture shop with a blue couch and a coffee table in the window.

"I'd like to see your finest Armoire," he told the shop owner, "maybe something with mirrors on the front doors."

"Yes sir." The shopkeeper said with an anxious grin on his face. He walked him to the back room where there is one in the making. There were wood shavings and pieces all over the shop. Wooden furniture and fabric littered the shop making it look busy. "I can make this one to your specifications if you'd like. Or I have this one over here," he pointed to his right. "Would you would be interested in seeing it."

"This one will do quite nicely and since it is yet unfinished I can tell you exactly what I want." He paused. "I have always been curious, but, do you craft these pieces yourself or do you employ other artisans to do the work for you?"

"No sir, I do this all myself, after I close the shop."

"You are very talented. You must be very proud to accomplish so much here" Roul tells him exactly what he wants and the shopkeeper gets right on it after putting up the closed sign early.

After leaving the shop Roul walked down the darkened street. He spotted a very muscular young man walking on the other side of the street. 'I'm still hungry. He looks tasty. What a glorious specimen of a man, maybe I'll make him one of my children.'

He approached the young man.

"Pardon me; you look like a strong young fellow. Maybe I could interest you in a good paying job that may lead to a permanent position with me. I will even provide you with room and board if you would like."

"Yes sir." The man said eagerly. "But I already live with my lady."

"She can come with you as long as you can do the job and I think this will be a good fit for a strapping young lad like you. You could save all your money for a homestead or something further down the road." He told him. 'This is better than better, Now I don't have to find someone else for him to feed on.'

"Why don't you talk things over with your lady, and if you decide to work for me, meet me at my mansion tomorrow morning. Do you know where I live? I'm sorry,I forgot to introduce myself, I am Roul, may I have your name good sir?"

"Demetrium." He said. "Yes sir, I think everyone knows where you live and who you are."

"I will see you in the morning then. I shall take my leave now."

As he turned from him and walked away, an evil smile slid across his wicked face. 'Now, to find some food.'

The next morning the young man showed up with his lady. A butler answered the door.

"Yes?" Asked the butler.

"Roul asked me to meet him here this morning." The butler smiles.

"This way please." He walked them into a grand parlor and bid them to sit. "Wait here. He will be with you shortly." The butler walked away.

They waited for what seemed like hours. He walked around the room looking at all the paintings that were hung on the strawberry-colored walls. There were fancy tables that held different statues and vases. Fresh flowers sat in each one of them. The golden curtains that hung over the large windows went very nicely with the walls and paintings. The marble floor was polished and almost glowed. There wasn't a speck of dust to be seen anywhere.

"This stuff must have cost a fortune." He tells his lady. "I wonder how he makes his money."

"Don't go there, it really is none of our business, it could be an inheritance." She told him. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Very true, but I am curious, ya' know?"

"I know. It's okay to wonder but don't ask." She said.

Roul and a smaller woman walked in after about an hour and a half.

"My apologies for keeping you waiting I was tending to other matters." He told them.

And who might this absolutely stunning young lady be?

"This here is Betty."

"I'm delighted to meet you." Reaching for her hand, he holds it delicately and gently kisses it. She looked at Demitrium then did her impression of a curtsy. "It is an honor to meet such a lovely lady such as yourself." She blushes and looks away with a smile.

He looked at Jasmine; one of Roul's children. "Why don't you show Betty to her room, and fetch me James." Then he whispers something in her ear.

"Thank you for this opportunity, sir." Demitrium said.

"I'm delighted to have you in my employ. Now what is your specialty, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a carpenter by trade but I also do home repairs for people who can't pay."

"Fantastic!" Roul claps his hands together. "You're just what I'm looking for, and a good man to boot! You will have a chance to do your charity work while you work for me. I will pay you enough to buy the materials to help those families. You will of course get weekends off."

The butler walked in with two full crystal wine glasses and a bottle of wine, all on a polished silver tray. The butler placed the tray on a fancy side table with other kinds of whiskey, bourbons and various other alcohols. He picked up each glass and handed him one of them.

"It is time to toast to our new business relationship. I think you will fit in quite nicely here. Here's to a beautiful working relationship."

They cheered to their new found relationship.

"You are very muscular and in good shape. I will have to have my tailor measure you to make garments for you to wear. I'm sure you will look exquisite in the new outfits. I'm looking forward to seeing you in those outfits." They take another sip of their wine. "Drink up; this is one of my finest wines. I would not see it go to waste." He watches as Demitrium finished his glass. Roul took his glass and gently set it on the side table.

"Now, let me show you the first project I would like accomplished. Follow me." He obediently followed him.

"Bring me my new puppy." The queen said. "I must try my new formula on him. I will inject him myself today."

What looks like a human is brought into the chamber in heavy chains, chains that look a little like overkill for even a strong man like this one. She grabed him by his squared chin and turned his face from side to side admiring his facial features. Then she let go and looked at the rest of his body. When she let go he jerked his head to the side in disgust.

"This one looks strong, are you sure these chains will hold him?"

A scientist walked into the room as one of her servants tied the muscular human to the larger pillar closest to her. "And what do you want?" She asked the scientist.

"I must be here to witness what happens with the two shots so that I can appropriately modify the formula should the need arise."

"Very well, you may watch."

She walked over to the human and grabed his arm.

"What is your name? I might as well know what to call you. After all, you will remain my guest for quite a while."

"Why should I tell you? You're just planning on killing me anyway!" He yelled back at her.

"No matter, I will name you myself. Hmm, I think I shall call you Tod, after all isn't that what one of your pack members called you?" She reacheed into one of her pockets and pulled out a couple of syringes. "I know a lot more about you than you know [. . .] Tod."

"What do you think you're going to do with that needle? You're not injecting me with anything! These chains will not hold me!" He then slowly transformed into a werewolf right before her eyes. He took a swipe at her and rushed towards her, she backed away. The chains held firm.

"That was all too easy." She said with a little bit of laughter. "You may be strong but my faithful servants are stronger than you think. Ladies." Four demons rushed to him bringing him to his knees and held him fast. "You see my pet, you are now mine to control. Anything you say or do will be controlled by me." He transformed back into a human thinking that the shot can only be administered to a werewolf.

"What do you plan on doing with me? I demand to know!" He roared.

"I'm afraid you're not in any position to demand anything from me." She said calmly with a smirk on her face. "But since you asked nicely I will tell you." She turned and seductively walked to her throne and sat. "The first medicine that I will administer will be to keep you in werewolf form forever. The next shot is a little experiment of mine to keep you complacent. It will make you completely obedient to me. Unfortunately, every one of you that I have tried this on, has died in excruciating pain," She lied. "But I'm sure this new formula will work, but if it doesn't oh well, I guess I'll just have to capture another one of you mutts to experiment on. Now let's begin shall we."

"I won't let you do this to me, Once my pack finds out that I'm missing they will come at you full force!"

"Ha ha, your pack won't be coming to your rescue. You see, your whole entire pack has been eliminated except for your pack leader, what was his name? Oh yeah, Kit. We let him live to wallow in his failure to his pack for the rest of his life, we can't have any threats now can we."

"You lie! He will build an even stronger pack and come after you! This time he will not fail!"

"I'm afraid not my little puppy. You're all alone now and you're mine to do with as I please. But enough chit chat I want to see if my new potion will work."

"I will fight you all the way to my grave!"

"Oh shut up and be a man! Or a doggie as the case will be." She struts over to him and, as he struggles futilely to get free he can't get away from the first shot. He transformed back into a werewolf just after the first shot had been administered.

"Now, turn back into your human form." She commanded.


"Ha ha ha ha! That's the whole point my dear Tod."

He growled in rage as he tried and failed to turn human again. He tugged as hard as he could on his enchanted chains then tried to get her guards off of him to no avail.

"Well, the point of this first shot is that you can never turn human again. You are now mine to do with as I please." She teased and looked at her scientist. "How long do I have to wait for this next shot?"

"You can inject him immediately."

"Good." She say's giddily and jumps squeaking like a happy little girl on her birthday. "I can't wait any longer. Come here puppy. Your fate has been sealed, just sit back and try to enjoy this. Just think, you're going to be the first one to try my experimental elixir and live." She got closer and grabbed him by the arm, he pulls back, and growls back. She jumped back as he startled her. "And as a reward I will feed you every time you obey me." She said with a giddy little grin on her face. He pulls hard on his bindings.

"Oh my, you are a strong one." She said with a wide smile on her face. She grabed his arm with strength that he has never felt before and gives him the last shot. When she finished he simply collapsed on the floor right in front of her, panting and trying to morph back into human form to no avail. He looked up at her in complete horror. "How long do I have to wait to see if this one worked?" She asked her scientist.

"It could be immediate or it could take several days. There's just no telling."

"Very well." She sighs and looked back at the werewolf. "Stand up!" She waited a few seconds while he eyeballed her in hatred. "Take him to his cage. I will check again tomorrow."

They stand in the dilapidated greenhouse as Roul explains what he wants from him.

"I would like you to carve intricate gargoyles and menacing Ogre warriors into every pylon and corner while reconstructing the greenhouse." Roul points to the corners. "Use your own judgment and creativity when carving the figures and details. I will trust you with the details, for now. I would like to brag about you when I entertain. Do you understand?"

"But I'm just a simple carpenter, I have no skills that would even let me carve the things that you want me to."

"You will my child. Let me instill the ability to go and get those skills.

Roul snapped his neck and Demitrium droped to the floor, began to tremble fiercely and vomited all over the filthy marble floor. While Demitrium lay on the floor Roul beckons his butler to fetch a human to come and clean up the mess.

When Demitrium finally comes too, Roul suggests that he feed on the human.

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"You are now part of my family, you must be very hungry."

"I am but I'm still not sure what you mean by feed." Demitrium told him.

"It's very simple you weak minded fool, you're a vampire now." He said in frustration, then he recomposed himself and smiled at him.

Demitrium stood there and stared in disbelief.

'That would explain my hunger.' Demitrium thought to himself.

"But why me?"

I have some plans for you my friend, yes, some exciting plans. This young man here is the one who will teach you how to feed. If you kill him in the process then so be it, just feed, you will feel much stronger." Roul instructed him.

Demitrium is taught how to feed, then, rather aggressively, bites into his neck and starts to slurp down the warm blood. The man drops limply on the floor and blood dripped from Demitrium's pointy fangs.

"Now, I will show you to your room. Try not to tell Betty about this, it wouldn't do her, or you, any good. It would just serve to complicate things more than they already are for you. I will teach you more after you rest a bit. All you will have to do is summon Jasmine, she's been assigned to you both, and before you ask, yes, she is a vampire as well. She will do anything you want. She is actually one of my best daughters. So go, get some rest." He begins to turn around then stops for a brief second and looks back at him. "One other thing. Do you know how to fight?"

"No sir, no one has even dared to challenge me. Look at me, people run when they see me, but no, I don't know how to fight."

"We will change that my precious, innocent boy. We will change that."

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