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A sequel to “walk jiggly why”
This was kinda meant to go with the other one, but I didn’t think of this till now, so here goes. I’ve been asking the universe and the forces that guide me for years for a loving intimate partner (which I feel more n’ more I’m destined to never have), or a travel/activity partner that I mesh with beautifully; and the latter is what I got a couple months ago. The irony, I normally don’t click one dang bit with Cancer Sun’s (nothin’ nasty, mostly we just don’t get each other), but this lady is a divine holy exception: we both quickly realized we love spending time with each other, and very quickly developed a deep loving bond - a wonderful wonderful activity and travel partner and very dear friend. She not so secretly enjoys the kisses I give on her cheek and forehead.
We often think alike and I think bit of opposites attract. I have a strong Aries energy but Aquarius sun/Sag moon, Cancer north node.

We met while out walking. She was going that way, and I was going this way, and as she has told me several times she had a sudden feeling that I maybe needed someone to talk to. We ended up standing there chatting for almost ten minutes and then I gave her my number which I very very rarely give my number to a woman because I pretty usually end up getting blown off so I gave up (ok I realize that’s a kinda run on sentence but that’s just how it came out so y’alls just gonna have to sue me next month).

By walking my path and doing what I want to do when I want to do it, it brought me to Suzie Q - I love you very dearly!! And I had been thinking for some time before that, that the only way I would start any kind of close relationship again with another woman is if I practically physically ran into a lady while out walking. … Although she says god (intentionally lowercase) brought me to her; maybe it’s both ways around - except through meditation I believe in polytheism - I just know that agreeably mixing energies … well … they agree!
She says I’m not weird at all … we just have to agree to disagree on that one.

Having her as a very dear friend is, I think, as equally satisfying as having a loving sexually intimate partner. I'm quite used to not being sexually attractive to women. ... Thank you for your time … the end.


~ Wilder
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