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Aging woman experiences devil

Sylvie knew her life was coming to an end. She recognized that looking back served no purpose. Reliving her mistakes, analyzing her hatred, and trying to erase the evil she imparted on everyone she encountered would not change her present predicament nor would it now make her a good person.

She had been at the senior housing complex for over 10 years with no visitors, no residential friends, not even an interested worker. So when she started to inform the staff and residents that sentimental items were disappearing from her room, no one listened. No one cared. Frankly no one believed her. Sylvie wasn’t the most honest person, however she held a degree of integrity, only telling little white lies or refraining from telling the whole story when specific details did not suit her needs. But the disappearances had happened. This is true and real and complete. Unfortunately, this comfort level of integrity resulted in raised eyebrows and cries of falsification.

One afternoon, two days after the realized disappearance of her favorite blue wool sweater, embroidered coin purse and vacation beach snow globe, she saw the culprit. It was a frightening troll about 3 ft tall, with a beaked plague mask, horns and a body covered in red feathers. Terrified she blasted into the rec room calling for help. “The devil is in my room. He is taking my things! I fear my soul is next”. Residents turned with bored expressions, asking, “Where is your proof”? “Why should we believe you?”. She had no answers and after a few more lackadaisical attempts, she slumped back to her room.

Crawling into her bed, she noticed a red feather. To no one in particular, she stated “I have proof”. But quickly realized it just didn’t matter.

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