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Story about Nova Scotia
Sophie had always been fascinated by the sea, and when she graduated from university, she knew she wanted to travel to Nova Scotia to see the ocean up close. She arrived in Halifax on a sunny summer day and immediately made her way to the waterfront. She walked along the boardwalk, taking in the salty air and the sound of seagulls calling overhead.

As she strolled, she noticed a small lighthouse perched on the rocks at the edge of the water. The lighthouse looked old and worn, but it still stood tall, as if keeping watch over the endless sea.

Sophie felt drawn to the lighthouse and decided to explore it. She made her way down the rocky path to the base of the lighthouse and looked up at its towering height. As she stepped inside, she found herself in a small room with a spiral staircase leading up to the top.

As she climbed the stairs, she felt the wooden steps creak beneath her feet. She emerged onto a small balcony at the top of the lighthouse and gasped at the stunning view. The ocean stretched out before her, its waves crashing against the rocks below. She could see the distant outline of ships on the horizon, their sails billowing in the wind.

Sophie sat on the balcony for hours, lost in thought and captivated by the beauty of the sea. When the sun began to set, she knew it was time to leave. She made her way back down the spiral staircase and emerged onto the rocks below. As she walked away from the lighthouse, she knew that she would never forget the sight of the endless sea and the lighthouse that watched over it.
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