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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2291426
Adrien and hope reunite. a new threat to the town and a new char escapes the queen.
Chapter 5

Gweneth walked from the wood burning stove with a small bowl of warm water and a rag. His fever still hasn't broken. This has her worried. 'What kind of magic is this?'

He started moaning again. She hoped this would be the last time he wakes up and passes back out.

"W-w-where am I? HOPE! Where is Hope?" He said franticly, trying to sit up, realizing that his skin is hot but he's freezing and the pressure in his throbbing head is unbearable. "Aghh!"

He grabs his side and realizes there is a hole deep in his side. In his side he feels a wet rag that smells like plants.

"What happened to me and where is hope? And who are you? Why am I-"

"Relax, you're safe here and I already checked on Hope, she's fine."

"Wait! How did you know about Hope?" He struggled to ask.

"You've been in and out of consciousness for three days now. I just hope you're finally healed enough to stay up and remember this conversation." She told him. "One question at a time. I will explain everything I know."

"Ok, let's start out with who the hell you are? And why am I here?"

"That's two questions but let's start with my name. I'm Gweneth and you tried to save me from that vampire you called Cander."

"Canther?" He asked still laying on his back in bed. "How do you know about him, wait," He paused and put his head down and tried to think. "He was after you, wasn't he?"

"Yes, he tried to kill me, and you stopped him."

"I don't remember anything after I slammed him into the wall. Why can't I remember?"

"He stabbed you with some kind of pick or dagger and grabbed it before he fled. I think it had some kind of magic to it. Be glad I'm somewhat of a cleric or I might be talking to a dead person right now."

He groans in pain once again as he reaches down to grab his wound, his head pounding.

"Quit fidgeting with that! I know it hurts but this isn't the first time I've had to redress it. You kept pulling it off, can we not do that this time please?" She said as she gently laid her hand on his to guide it away from his wound.

"I do seem to remember a bright light, but then, nothing until now."

"As I said, I'm a cleric and I have the ability to create light." She told him with a sensitive smile on her face. "That's why he fled I think, but he picked up whatever he stabbed you with before I could get to it. If I had it I could probably tell if it was poisoned or cursed. But he took it with him."

"It's all still a blur, but, what do you know about Hope and how do you know where I live and-"

"It's ok, she's safe. You really care for this girl don't you?"

"She's like a daughter to me. But you still haven't told me how you know about her and where she lives." He said with a look of anger and concern on his face.

"You have been very adamant about making sure she's ok. Every time you came too you asked about her incessantly. I pried your location from you so I could check on her for you. You resisted for the first two days but you finally told me and I checked on her early this morning. She was sleeping comfortably in her bed."

"At least she's ok but who have you told about my location and did anyone see you going or coming from the cave?"

"I haven't told anybody and yes I made sure I wasn't followed." She reassured him. "I did exactly what you said."

"Okay then who are you?" He asked her laying back down.

"No more questions from you, my turn? What is your name and why did you try to rescue me, how did you know if I could've handled myself or not, and why did you even get involved?"

His head sank back down onto the pillow and he sighed.

"My name is Adrien and that's all I really want you to know right now. It's safer for the both of us if you don't know anything right now."

"Adrien, well it's nice to meet you but don't you think a vampire like yourself would want to make as many friends as possible, especially now?" His head shot straight up and he tried to sit up but he immediately fell back to the bed in excruciating pain. "I figure that dagger had something to do with the condition you're in. I just don't know what kind of magic they used to curse it. I'm thinking necromantic of some kind, but I'm not too sure."

"How do you know if I'm a vampire or not."

"When you had me check up on Hope you said she was a vampire too so be discrete. Don't let her see me. You also had the claws and teeth of a vampire while in that fight with Canther, You really should be careful who you show that to."

"I talk a lot in my sleep don't I?" He said regretfully.

"You trusted me then, so trust me now. Why did you try to save me, vampires don't typically help elves, or anybody really?"

With great hesitation, he spoke.

"Remember Hope?" She nods. "Well, she was turned by Roul, Canther and one other in that same alley. She is way too young to be turned let alone be turned at all. I remembered Canther and saw you walking down the street. Being corralled by that same monster and didn't want you to end up the same way. This time it was only him so I thought I could handle him."

"Why did you look back at me when we passed?" His face got red and his hands got fidgety. She blushed and turned her head away.

"Anyway," He said in to change the subject, "I didn't think he could beat me and I didn't want to see him take another victim. It was just him in that alley, right?"

"Well, it's good to know that even vampires can have feelings and no, there were no others, just you, me and that Canther guy. But now I think I can put all the pieces together. You tried to save Hope, failed and now you've taken her under your wing for some crazy reason. You seem like you're an ethical vampire, you care for others. You don't care for the physical stuff, which is why your home is so simple. Am I getting this right so far? You went after Canther as vengeance for Hope and fear of me dying or becoming one of them."

"He doesn't need more[. . .] 'children' as he calls them." He told her.

"Are you staying up this time so I don't have to explain myself again?"

"I am still tired but I have to get back to hope." He held his side and tried to sit up. He fell back to the bed in exhaustion and pain.

"Stop! You're not going anywhere in this condition. You still need to rest here for a couple more days."

"But, Hope."

"I will go and let her know that you're alright and that I'm taking care of you for a couple of days. Don't worry; I know how to handle myself. I will look at this as making a friend. By the way, I picked up that package you dropped on the ground when you saw Canther. I opened it and found ladies clothes I will give it to her and invite her over." She said to him sympathetically. "This way it will ease her about you and me. Then maybe you'll trust me a little more."

"We'll see. But you have taken care of me for these last three days so I guess I should trust you. But let me ask you a question. Why were you out at night, you know that's a dangerous place at night?"

"I was investigating rumors of a kibilt that seems to be stalking the town lately."

"Aren't those just legend?"

"Yes, but i'm trying to keep an open mind and hoping that someone is just trying to make it look like a Kibilt. Anyway, I have to get ready to go see Hope. We'll talk about payment when I get back with Hope."

"Payment?" He said in shock.

"You don't think I'm doing this all for free do you?" She smiles seductively.

He laid his head back on the bed in frustration.

She had it all planned out now that she was involved with him a little quicker than she had thought she would.

"Stay here and do try to stay in bed, I don't want to have to wrestle you back into bed when I get back, but I bet it would be fun." She said with a smart-ass look on her face. This time it was his turn to blush.

Jonas, One of Roul's men went into the alley to feed on an unsuspecting victim.

"Hello, are you lost, this is a really dark alley?"

"Why are you following me?" Asked the figure in the brightly moonlit alley.

"I just wanted to make sure you were alright and safe." He looked the figure in the eyes.

"Trying to put me in a trance will be fruitless. I am immune."

Suddenly the figure, dressed in rags, rushed him fast slamming him against the wall with incredible strength. Surprised by his extraordinary strength he pushed the figure off himself and went into vampire mode determined to get rid of this newcomer. He lashed out at the figure and clawed at his neck. With Vampiric speed the figure fled into the open and empty street. Jonas lashed out at the figure deeply gouging his side. The figure ran at him and he was able to step aside and trip him but not before he sliced into Jonas's ribs. The figure fell flat on his face. He got up and rushed at Jonas and landed a flying jump kick in the middle of his chest sending him to his back in the middle of the street. He landed next to him. The figure turned and spit out a blast of acid, singing his leg from the knee down as he rolled away. The acid ate at his flesh and in his recoil from the pain the figure ran off and attacked an onlooker. In the darkness he managed to slowly get up and make chase. Acid spewed at the onlooker, and he could hear the screaming. By the time he got to the onlooker all that was left was a steaming pile of goo and the figure had run off.

'I gotta report this to Roul right away.' He thought to himself and limped off.

Tod sat in his cage and waited for his second victim to come along. He hasn't eaten in two days and started to feel sluggish. He was drained of energy, and that battle didn't help. He knows he has to eat soon and he's getting a vampire girl to feast on. 'I don't want to kill anyone else today.' He said to himself. 'But if I have to, a vampire is as good as any.'

A scraggly looking woman dressed all in black leather brought a struggling woman down the dark torchlit hall. The captive is an attractive woman with long brown hair covering her back and a brown leather tunic covering a black leather tank top and dark blue leather pants, she was also wearing leather boots. He knows she's a vampire and must be put down regardless of how he thinks she looks. He doesn't want any more vampires in this world than there already are. This is his chance to rid the world of at least one vampire anyway.

The woman reaches the cage and opens it, 'If I'm to escape, this might be my only chance.'

He rushed the cage door, slammed the strong woman with the cage door with all of his might, sending her across the hall and against the cage bars on the other side, grabbed her by the throat and snaps her neck with one hand instantly. He grabbed her head and twisted it off her body. She dropped in a lump on the floor in front of him then turned around to look at the vampire in the room with hunger and hatred in his eyes. She slowly backed her way against the bars of the cage next to him knowing he could easily kill her watching what just happened to her captor a second ago.

'I am not your enemy my name is Arianna.' She telepathically said to him. 'I'm a seer and a telepath and I know the way out of here and can get word to your pack, what is your packs name? I have a friend who is a wolf and can get a message to him. This would also be a chance to get my tribe and a pack of wolfs to fight this evil woman, but you must let me go. Please trust me.' She told him.

'That all sounds too good to be true, how do I know you'll keep your word? I'm getting very hungry.' He said keeping his offensive posture while saliva dripped from his mouth. 'And why should I trust a vampire?'

'I'm afraid all you have is my word, but I want this woman dead just as much as you do, but you need to hurt me if this is going to look good. I'm afraid that if I take you with me, we have a better chance of getting caught, I'm going to use my super speed to make it to the exit. She would never expect a tribe and pack to work together. At least that's what I'm counting on. I'm sure my tribe and your pack will work together nicely, like in the old days.' She told him. 'I may even be able to get more than just your pack involved. I'm sure your pack can recruit more help from other packs and my pack can get help too.'

'Well, it sounds like a good offer but I still don't know if I trust you yet.'

'You have to! But we must do it now, before someone else comes in to check on us. Hurt me to show that at least you tried to kill me in case I get caught, and look at it this way, if I get caught, they will undoubtedly kill me anyway, what do you have to lose. So, you need to hurt me. That should be fun at least. What's the name of your pack?'

'The Washers.' He told her reluctantly.

"The washers? Really?"

'Long story just go, get help, I can work from the inside.' He thought to her.

He rushes her and she turns to the side giving him just enough to deeply claw her. He takes a swipe at her throat and just nicks her. She jumps to the side and shoves him into the wall landing a solid kick into his side breaking ribs. She clawed his arm and face deeply, then took off running down the hall with her super speed.

She opened the door at the end of the hall and slammed it on his head knocking him cold.

He wakes up back in his cage with his young vampire nowhere in sight. Another woman walks down the hall and stopped at his cage door.

"How is it that a little vampire like her escaped you? She was supposed to be your supper and a vampire none the less." The woman scolded him. "That was your reward for killing the other werewolf.

"Weak," was all he managed to audibly say in werewolf form.

"No kidding you baboon! She was supposed to give you some strength." She said as she sighed. "No matter we caught and killed her. We will find you a homeless beggar so that you don't fail this time."

Now he was mad. His only chance to escape and possibly take down this evil woman was now gone. He ran up to the cage and swiped at the girl through the bars nicking her in the arm well.

"Nice try but you need to kill me like you did my friend, I should just kill you right now, but the queen wants to see you."

'Maybe I should've killed her, at least then I wouldn't be so weak. Maybe she was lying to me, either way, I'm screwed.' He growled loudly with saliva dripping down his furry chin. Then he sulked back to his cot as she unlocked his cage and chained him up for the trip to the queen.

She made her way down the dark empty corridor. 'It's a good thing I'm an elf.' She can see very well in pitch black. This way led outside of the compound. She remembered it well. 'I thought there would be a lot more guards here, after all they bring prisoners like me down this way. Guards only seem logical even if it is unlikely that anyone would make it this far.'

She saw two guards sitting at the entrance to the tunnel. 'Only two? I should be able to handle this.' She slowly and silently crept up to the entrance. 'Perfect, its dark, even more cover.' She took one quiet step and then one more.

She snuck up behind the first vampire and quickly snapped her neck. The next vampire was up in a second and on her in a heartbeat. But not after Arianna was able to draw the first girl's scimitar and sink it deep into the second girl's gut and out her back. She fell backward and landed softly on the ground in front of her. She lifted herself off the ground. Arianna yanked her sword from her belly knowing that this was just the beginning of the fight. Out of the corner of her eye and senses tingling she quickly reversed her sword and slid it into the girl coming up behind her. She avoided the girl in front of her and only lost a snippet of hair. They fought tooth and nail with their blades clashing as sparks flew from their blades. The swords slid down each other until both blades collided with each other's hilts. Looking square into each other's eyes Arianna pushed back and in a daring move Adrianna spun around with her blade held out at neck height, but as she spun, she felt a sharp burning sensation all around her waist before cutting the girl's head off. She watched it roll off her body and down the hill into the woods. Her body fell limp in front of her.

She knows the dangers not over yet, but she doubled over in pain grabbing her bloody side as the girl behind her took a swipe at her head, she missed. She pulled her gooey hand up and noticed there was a black sticky substance all over her hand, but this would have to wait. She battles through the pain, spins around and snaps the woman's neck once more knowing that it takes longer for necks to heal. She held the sword up above her head to cut off the girls head, but paused to hear her final words.

"The neck again? Really?" She said from the ground.

"Yup." She took the opportunity to slash at her neck, her head rolled down into the forest.

Arianna buckles over in pain and lands on one knee taking the sword and stabbing it into the ground to steady herself. 'That has to be an enchanted blade. I need to get this one checked out.' She let go of the sword in her hand. She steadies herself and makes it over to the other sword. She's not healing as she should. 'Something's wrong. Something's very wrong.' She reaches down to check her wound sweating profusely, she grabs the other sword but she's still in considerable pain. She knows that she has to get out of there fast. She makes it to the tree line down the hill, takes a hard right and follows the tree line, limping all the way. She stops to take a look at the girls head lying in front of her, blood soaking the ground from the severed neck. Then she continues on. 'I'm moving like a human limping in pain. This is NOT good.' Snow crackles under her feet as she takes each slow step.

Gweneth sneaks in through the escape tunnel. As soon as she entered the room Hope's head spun around and then she charged the intruder slamming her against the back wall of the cave.

Gweneth pushed her lightly and Hope went flying backward halfway across the length of the cave.

She slid to a stop on one knee and one hand and looked up to gweneth in hatred. She charged once more.

A bright light flashed stunning Hope for a couple of seconds.

"Enough!" Gweneth yelled. "I am here to take you to Adrien."

Hope stands up, still in her defensive posture ready to charge once more.

"What have you done to him? How do I know you're not trying to capture me as well?"

"I am in the process of healing him. He requested your presence." Gweneth calmly told her.

"How did you find me?"

"Adrien told me how to get here; he also told me that this location is a secret. Now do you want to go see him? You are welcome to leave at any point you want as long as you promise me you'll at least talk to him."

"So if I refuse to go with you, you will take me by force?" Hope said with anger in her voice.

"Not at all, I'll just tell him that you didn't trust me enough to follow me. I just hope he takes it well, he may try to come back here while he's still healing and possibly blow the secret of your dwelling." Gweneth explained. "He told me about Roul and his pull on you. It's important that he stay there and heal right now."

"How do I know if I can trust you?"

"All you have to do is follow me. I will never detain you for any reason." She told her. "And you can stop at any time you wish."

Hope seemed more at ease now. Her poise went back to a normal teenage girl's stance.

"I will follow you. I will be a safe distance behind you. I don't think you are who you say you are but I will trust you [. . .] suspiciously, for now, only because I believe you have Adrien somewhere, whether it's willfully or not. But if you betray me or him, stunning light or not, I WILL kill you!"

"I think not, you're too young to even try to hurt me, not even Adrien could hurt me, but I don't think he would even try considering all I've done for him, including bringing you to him."

"Whatever." Hope said folding her arms in front of her.

She stood in front of her cabin and noticed that Hope was nowhere to be found. She sighed in disappointment. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw movement. Then Hope appeared next to her.

"I wanted to make sure there was no one around." She told her eyeing her suspiciously.

"I have a magical border that lets me know if someone or something's come onto my property. Are you ready to see Adrien yet?"

"Lead the way." Hope said. "Carefully."

Gweneth walked through the front door and Hope is amazed. There are bright hanging flameless torches and the door slides closed on its own and sealed up so that you can't even tell there was a door there.

"He's over here." She points to a cot sitting in the middle of the room.

"There you are!" He said happily. "I was worried sick about you."

"Try being worried about you!" She yelled looking around in curiosity. "What the hell happened to you?"

"I got in a fight with one of the vampires that helped to turn you and it all went to shit."

"You tried to kill him by yourself?" Hope exclaimed. "Why would you do that?" She said in anger. "That's not what you taught me. You said always go into battle with someone else if at all possible."

"I also didn't want to see this pretty young thing get turned or worse, killed."

"So it was a mixture of vengeance and lust!?"

He blushed a little lying prone on the cot.

"He had a weapon that I've never seen before and I couldn't heal or stand. He almost killed me if it weren't for this cleric here."

Hope snaps her head around in a panic.

"Who are you anyway, you never even told me your name, how can I trust you without knowing even something simple like your name, and then there's all this weird magic I see all around me."

"First off dear, my name is Gweneth and this isn't magic at all. This is just some of the things left over from before the war." She told her calmly.

"I would like to know what all this is also." Adrien said looking at all the technical gadgets and equipment laying on a table next to him.

"I have all the amenities from before the great war. I have running water, and something called a refrigerator as well as some of the old things like a wood burning stove which I use because I haven't figured out how to get the water warmer to turn on. It may be some kind of magic that I don't understand, or I just don't know how to work it yet."

"This is all stuff from before the war? Why don't we have it now?" Hope asked.

"My guess is that it was all created by humans and that the humans who knew how it worked were killed off. I have been around since a little before the war so I know how to use some of it. All my power comes from solar panels. I don't know how they work but it was all set up when I got here." Gweneth informed the two.

"This seems all too coincidental and convenient if you ask me." Hope said.

"I don't care how she knows all this stuff, I'm happy she has it. It's my guess that she used some of this stuff to help me heal as well as her clerical skills." He told Hope. "I'm grateful that she knows even this much."

"Well anybody with this kind of stuff makes me weary. I don't trust her Adrien. I know she's helping you but I still don't trust her. Why would she help you, a vampire who has the ability to heal on his own. She should never have gotten involved." Hope said.

"If she hadn't helped me I'm certain I would've died and you'd be alone. Is that what you want?"

"I've learned a lot from you I'm sure I could hold my own as long as I stayed hidden."

"So you rather I died." Hope just looked away with tears in her eyes. She knew it was better that Gweneth came along when she did. "I know you are glad that I'm alive and that you're grateful that she came along. You're too proud. Please give her some leeway. I'm sure that I'd have died."

She snapped her head back to look at Adrien.

"Of course I wouldn't have wanted to see you dead! I just have a hard time trusting someone who has her power and knowledge."

Gweneth was now sitting in one of her chairs next to the cot.

"I am not your enemy Hope." She told her calmly. "I know you don't trust me right now. I want to earn your trust anyway I can."

"The only thing you can do right now is, is," She paused not knowing what to say. "I don't know but you will have to work hard to gain my trust. I still don't think you're just a simple cleric. What was that light that stopped me dead in my tracks?"

"My dear, that was a simple light spell. You should know, you have that ability also."

"How do you know about that?! Now I know something is suspicious with you!"

"Wait what!?" Adrien questioned Hope from his cot.

"I saw the spell book on the table and it has a clerical symbol on the front of it. I was there once before checking on you while you slept and the book interested me." She told her with a sincere smile on her face. "I checked on you at Adrien's request."

"I want you to go home and get me that book and when you get back you better be prepared to tell me exactly what happened. Do you understand me young lady?" Adrien told her angrily.

"Yes." She said with her head down.

She walked out of the cabin looking scolded.

"Don't be so hard on her, there may be a good reason why she did what she did, maybe she didn't have a choice."

"There's always a choice."

"Tell me you've never made a bad decision Adrien."

"That's different; she could've been killed by whoever gave her that book."

"You could've been killed by Canther." She told him.

"I was trying to protect you!" He yelled.

"And trying to kill one of the ones that help turn her. That's vengeance. A bad decision."

He just lay in his bed in considerable pain silently pondering what she just said.

"How in the hell did this happen!?" Queen Isabella screams. "What did I do to find such incompetent fools!? How could you let this happen? She bested my two best guards AND escaped. I want Tod up here now!"

"Yes my Queen." She bowed as she backed away.

"You have been summoned by the Queen my friend. I actually feel sorry for you."

Tod stood in front of the Queen, in chains, surrounded by guards. She walked around him as he growls as any wolf would while being held captive. Her hands, folded behind her back. She stops directly in front of him just out of reach.

She walked slowly into his reach and he began to step back. She smiled and chuckled at his reaction.

"You should be afraid of me you little mutt." She leaned in quicker than he could react. She grabbed him by the throat and raised him off the ground. He was considerably taller than she was. He noticed she was levitating off the ground with her giant shiny black wings flapping softly. He went limp and started trembling at that point. 'This isn't normal for a regular vampire, what the hell is she!?'

"My little puppy, my adorable little puppy, how is it that a strong werewolf such as yourself let this cunning, conniving little elf vampire get away, she was a weak little thing. No matter we caught her anyway. I'm going to give you one more chance to eat. Maybe this is all because your recent battle left you hungry and weak. Isn't that what you told my guard? I will let you turn back into a human and feed like a mere mortal and will keep you that way until I need you then I will give you another dose of my magic elixir. You WILL do as I command. That doesn't mean that I will let this go. You will get [. . .] the treatment for a couple of days without food. That should make you a little more compliant and competent." She dropped him to the ground with a thud.

They ushered Tod out of the Queens chamber, down a hall and into a room with chains and pain sticks all along the walls. He noticed a rack in the center of the room with tie down straps. He decided to try to stay as a werewolf for as long as he could. He could withstand pain much longer than if in human form. 'My adrenalin should keep me in wolf form, but it looks like these torture devices could cause me to turn back into a human. I must endure as long as I can.'

Somewhere in the deep forest Arianna limped her way back home, the crackling of snow sounds off beneath every slow step.

"Where have you been Arianna?" Samaria asked. "And why are you limping?"

"I need a cleric." She said in a whisper right before she collapses at her master's feet.

"Rassanna! Somebody get Rassanna now!" Samaria yelled. "It's okay, we'll get you all fixed up. Rassanna! Now!"

Samaria looked her over and saw a gash all around her waist. It didn't heal like the rest of her wounds would.

"I brought the sword that did this." Arianna said as she closed her eyes.

There was a sword tucked away in a scabbard Strapped to her brown leather pants. Rassanna ran up at that point with her bag of herbs and talismans.

"What happened here?" Rassanna asked as she placed the talisman around her neck. "This is for her protection."

"It appears that this sword cut her around the waist and she's not healing the way she ought to. Here's the sword that caused this wound, it is a strong sword no doubt, it cut right through her magic tunic."

"My, that does sound bad. Let me look at that sword."

Samaria handed her the sword and walked over to her chair in the main chamber while Rassanna looked over the sword and sprinkled some kind of dust over the blade. The handle began to glow green.

"Well, I can tell you that it appears to be made from forest elves and that yes, it's magical. I will have to study it some more to find out what kind of magic was used in its creation. Right now let's try to keep her alive. You there," She pointed to one of the human vampires in the corner. "Bring her to my chambers.

He carried her down one of the old Victorian's house's halls to her chamber and laid her on the bed.

"Samaria, I will get on this right away, now, if you'll excuse me, it seems I have a lot to do in a short amount of time."

Hope meandered back to the cave all the while trying to think about how she's going to explain this. 'How do I explain this without letting him down?' She thinks as tears streamed down her cheeks. She still feels guilty about killing him and she doesn't even know what Adrien's going to say after reading the inscription on the inside of the book.

Canther stands at the head of Roul's table.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, actually, no I'm not. I found Hope but we have to hurry if we're going to nab her! Let me take three guys with me and we can go get her. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you."

"Well, don't just stand there. Go and get her!"

Hope sits on her bed holding her red velvet book running her finger along the symbol with salty tears landing softly on the book's cover.

'How could have I been so stupid?' She thinks to herself. 'I wouldn't be in this mess right now, who knows what he's going to say when I show this to him.' She opens the book and reads the inscription silently.

I have foreseen my death and Hope's future

It is a better thing that I do

Too sacrifice myself

For the future of all people.

'I just hope he understands.'

She wipes the tears with the back of her hand and stands up to leave.

"Hello there, Hope. Remember me?" Canther said with a laugh.

"How the hell did you get in here without me knowing?" She said angrily dropping the book. "And how do you people keep sneaking up on me?!"

"I'm special. Father requests your presence. I hope you will put up a fight, I'd like to see how well you've been trained."

"Do I really have a choice? There's four of you and only one of me, but I'm certainly going to try."

She rushes forward straight to Canther but two of his companions grab her by the shoulders before she could get to him. She struggles and flips one of them on his back crashing through a small end table but he still holds on almost dragging her to the ground but he held her firm.

"I see you're learning quite nicely, that's why I brought three others. I wouldn't have expected that move, but has he ever shown you how to fight multiple opponents? I promise, Father will. Come with us, I know you want to see him again, don't you?"

"Maybe I should go check on her." Adrien told Gweneth.

"Maybe you should just stay here."

"Are we that far from home?" He asked. "It shouldn't take her more than a day to return, should it?"

"If you want, I'll go and check in on her. Maybe she just decided to leave."

"No, she wouldn't, even if I'm mad at her. She's never left before."

"Maybe this time it's far worse than anything else she's ever done and just doesn't want to face you right now. Maybe it's something that she really regrets."

"No. Something's wrong, I can feel it."

"Well, let me go check on her, I'll make sure I'm not followed."

"No I'm coming with, something's wrong. I can feel it."

"Are you sure you're able to move quickly enough?" She asked him. "And are you feeling strong enough to fight if the need arises?"

"I'll have to. Let's go."

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