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Rated: ASR · Prose · Contest Entry · #2292093
A brief and brooding monolgue about people pleasing for the Micro-monolgues contest.
To fulfill my aim, I feel I must lie. For I cannot say that which I cannot deny. So I must hide and bide my time, hone my craft, and be sly. It’s not an act but merely a vie. One must speak the truth to feel truly alive.

So at night, I cry and dream of when I’ll fly; when wax wings will whisk me high into the sky. I’ll soar free. No more grief. Not a single tear in either eye. This roaring beast has bore it teeth, but now he wants to edify.

He wants to teach, and preach, and see how far his word will reach. He’s not content growing old somewhere on a beach. He’s so full of regret, but he’s concious now at least.
However, deep inside his heart is a young boy who pleas. He really wants to speak, but his soul is on a leash, held by naysayers and fanatics who taunt him constantly.

So I’ll just lie. I say that it’s all fine, but shift my paradigm; color between the lines, narrow unfeeling eyes. Those tumors are benign and my wax wings will glide.

Prompt: ’To fulfill your aim. ’ (Prose Item only).
Word limit:- Within 200 words.
Word count: 193
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