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the Healing Power of Music
Aulus Hirtius was a man of great renown in ancient Rome. He was a trusted advisor to Julius Caesar and later became consul after Caesar's assassination.

But behind his public persona, Aulus was a man plagued by doubts and fears. He often wondered if he was truly worthy of the praise and accolades that were heaped upon him.

One day, as he was walking through the streets of Rome lost in thought, he heard the sound of a lyre being played. He followed the sound until he came upon a young boy playing the instrument with great skill.

Aulus was mesmerized by the music and approached the boy to ask him how he had learned to play so beautifully. The boy smiled and said that he had taught himself by listening to the songs of the birds in the forest near his home.

As Aulus listened to the boy's music, he felt his doubts and fears slipping away. He realized that greatness came in many forms, and that he didn't have to be the greatest warrior or statesman to make a difference in the world.

From that day forward, Aulus made time for music in his busy schedule. He would often attend concerts and performances, and he even took up the lyre himself.

And though he continued to serve his city with honor and distinction, he knew that his true passion lay in the world of music. For Aulus Hirtius had learned that true greatness was not about fame or fortune, but about finding joy in the simple things in life.
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