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Sisters find themselves dragged into a competition of laughter.
Leaning forward on the couch, Roxanne covered her mouth. Her eyes crinkled and she sank her teeth into her finger.

Emily walked out, stopped, and stared at her sister. Roxanne twisted in her seat, chewing on her limb.

Finally, she asked, “What are you doing?”

Her sister’s eyes flicked to her. She slowly released her hand and said, “I’m watching videos.”

“And biting yourself?”

Her gaze dropped to the teeth marks. Red spread across her pale cheeks. “Um, yeah.”

“Are you rabid?”

A giggle escaped Roxanne and she smacked her hand over her mouth. “Mrrumph mrumph mrumph.”

“What?” Emily asked, her eyes narrowing at her sister.

Her hand lowered. “I said, don’t make me laugh.”


Roxanne pointed to the television. “Don’t laugh” videos played.

Right as they glanced up, a video of a young girl leaping from the bed to a spinning chair flashed across. She hit the chair, it spun, bounced her back against the bed and she landed on the floor.

Both sisters cracked up with the little girl and Roxanne slapped her hands over her mouth again.

Emily said, “Guess you lose.”

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