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A new addition is joining our family and our love of puns and fandom gets the better of us
My stomach cramped as I picked up the phone and called the rescue. The pictures on the site advertised multiple male, hairless Xolos. Exactly what we wanted.

But I’d been excited before. Xolos are very rare and expensive and get snatched up almost the moment their ads get placed. Last time, we had the family rounded up and in the car for our appointment and the shelter called, let us know she’d been adopted.

I didn’t want this to be the same story.

A woman, friendly and warm, answered. She let me know that they did have all the puppies available still. We only needed to fill out an application and pick the one we wanted. They would reserve him until we showed up to pay and pick him up.

My heart tried to break my ribcage with excitement. My husband and I chose the one we wanted, his little name listed on the site as ‘Xolo Puppy One’. With his spiky mohawk and wrinkly skin, he was too cute.

But his name, Xolo Puppy One, it was too much. All I could hear was something out of a Star Wars movie. I sent my husband puns off the name as a joke.

Xolo Solo
Hans Xolo
The Chosen One

He bounced off me.

Frozen chosen
The one pup to tile them all
Xolo-one Kenobi

Oneakin Skywalker


The nerdom was strong. Then I realized the small puppy’s release date: May 4th. How could we pass up on such an opportunity. Though I’d started the Star Wars puns in jest, I recognized that the tiny pile of hairless rolls needed to actually be punned up.

Xolo-One Kenobi, or Kenobi for short, will be joining our family this weekend and I just know that he will be a loved addition. One could say he’ll blast his way into our hearts, be a puppy force to contend with, or that he is the puppy we’re looking for.

This time, we will not get a call on the way to the shelter alerting us that our desired dog was taken. We may have hunted for years, trying to find the right companion for our current boy, but we know this time, he’s it. He’s been reserved, we’ve been in communication with his foster family, and he’s a Star Wars baby. It is meant to be.
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