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Some desire company, others desire love, but Queen Breanna prefers her mornings alone.
The morning rays illuminated Queen Breanna on her balcony, surveying the cove below. The sunlight glinted off each rolling wave like thousands of iridescent jewels.

“It is beautiful, but not quite as beautiful as you.” Lord Eltern wrapped his arms around her, kissing her earlobe and the side of her neck.

She rolled her eyes. “Such pleasantries are better exchanged with the kitchen maids, fair lord. I am not so keen on pretty words as I am my morning views.”

“Your morning views cannot offer the satisfaction I can.” He spun her around for another kiss.

Her hand rose between them and blocked his lips. “My lord, you have yet to give me satisfaction that would bring me back for more.”

His jaw dropped. He shook her hand off him. “I don’t understand. I thought we had a connection last night.”

Turning back to gaze upon the ocean, she said, “The connection was not enough to keep you here for morning meals. Surely, you have something requiring your attention.”

He sputtered and gasped before responding. “My lady, should you but give me a second chance, I would redeem myself.”

Irritation made her shoulders tense. How could she convince Lord Eltern to leave? She’d already insulted him, rejected him; would he not get the hint and go away?

The scent of coffee pervading the air made her nose wrinkle in confusion. Coffee? The Queen did not drink coffee. No, she enjoyed her balcony views in solitude.

She stirred, waking up in her bed, in real life, where she was not a queen but an elementary teacher. “Thank goodness that was just a dream. That guy was annoying.”

Her thanks was short lived though when a man carrying steaming cups of coffee strode through her doorway. “I enjoyed last night. Coffee?”

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