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The summons went wrong
Father Aero looked at the priests. “Do you have the holy water and salt?” The men nodded. “Good. We shall begin.” He faced the intricately drawn summoning circle. He bit his thumb and flicked the blood across the circle and started chanting, “Ew nommus eht ssenkrad morf lleh…” The sigil began to glow a deep red hue and Father Aero continued to chant. “I nommus uoy ot DIB YM DNAMMOC!” As he finished the last of the incantation, the circle lit ablaze. The priests flinched at the sudden flames and watched as a large man with bat wings, horns, and goat legs emerged.

The being asked in a low voice, “Why have I been summoned?”

The Father stood tall. “We demand that you help us, demon.”

The devil looked at the man before him and at the cowering men. He chuckled when he glanced at the salt circle surrounding the sigil. “You wish for me to follow you?”

“Yes, and we are not afraid of you.”

The being cackled. “That’s so cute. But, unfortunately for you…” The demon stepped over the circle and stared down at Father Aero. “Your holy blessings are nothing to me.”

The Father scowled at the massive creature and shouted at the men, “Run! Tell the others!”

The priests ran.. “Too slow~” The demon snapped his fingers and the men exploded into crimson puddles.

Father Aero could only watch in horror. In one swift motion, he grabbed some salt and threw at the demon’s eyes. The creature howled in anguish.

“Now I’m angry.” The demon snapped and Father Aero was thrown against the wall. The man cried out. The demon stalked over and picked up the man. “It occurred to me that I haven’t introduced myself. I am Asmodeus. And I will be your new master.”
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