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A sudden date turns unto an ogling session.
The sun pierced through the curtains and gently lit the bedroom with a soft orange glow. Cassius knocked a couple times before entering the room. His steps were quiet when he silently made his way over to the bed where his lover laid soundly asleep. He smiled and leaned down to peck Ian’s forehead. Cassius softly whispered, “It’s time to get up, my dear Ian.”

Ian frowned and grumbled, “No… I don’t want to…”

The vampire sat down on the bed and smirked when he said, “If you don’t get up, I’m going to have my way with you~”

He shot up and loudly said, “I’m up!”

“Pfft~ I’m glad to see you so lively.”

Ian glared and grumbled, “I’m sure you are…”

The vampire smirked, gently grabbed and turned Ian’s chin towards him and purred, “I may have some fun with you anyway~”

He blushed and pulled his face away and pulled the covers up to his chin, “No! It’s too early.”

“Oh? So, I can do it later then?”

“No! Stop twisting my words!”

Cassius laughed and got up. “Unfortunately, we have a reservation at an Italian restaurant in town. So~” He turned to his lover. “You need to get up so we can drive into town.”

Ian titled his head, “Reservation? I don’t remember us having anything today…”

The vampire smiled, “Of course you don’t. I made it while my sleeping beauty slept. So, you must now arise so we don’t miss our date.~”

Ian sighed and got up, “Fine. I’ll get dressed.”

Cassius pulled into the parking lot and Ian asked, “Italiano Cuisine? I haven’t seen this place before.”

“Ah, it is brand new.” He smiled and looked over at Ian. “I wanted to try it together~.”

Ian blushed and jumped out of the car. Cassius chuckled and followed him into the restaurant.

A fair lady stood at the host stand. She asked in a delicate voice, “How many?”

Cassius flashed a smile and said, “Two, please.”

The maiden blushed. “Oh, yes. We have a table ready for you.” She grabbed a couple menus and guided the pair to a table on the patio. “We will have someone to serve you in a moment.” She glanced at Cassius once more and left.

Ian picked up a menu and stated, “I have no idea what to get.”

“Would, my dear Ian, like his handsome lover to order from him.” Cassius asked with a teasing smile.

He hid his face behind the menu and mumbled, “Yes please…”

The vampire chuckled and a man walked over. “Hello, I’m Mateo and I will be your server today. What can I get started for you?” He turned his gaze to Cassius and a light lined his cheeks.

“We will have two orders of the Pasta Pesto.” The vampire grinned and handed the menus over.

Mateo nodded, “We will have that out for you shortly, sir.” He quickly walked away.

Ian watched the server and frowned slightly. Cassius watched his expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”

He glanced to the side and mumbled, “Nothing…”

“I’m not a fool.” He grabbed Ian’s hand. “We have been together for a couple years now, I know when you’re upset.”

The hunter stared at Cassius and sighed. He grumbled, “Everyone keeps looking at you…”

The vampire looked at his lover stunned before smirking. “Are you jealous?~”

“I guess I am…” Ian glanced away from Cassius’s gaze. He stared at the hunter and started laughing. Ian flushed red. “This is why I didn’t want to tell you!”

Cassius wiped a tear and smiled, “You are just too cute~” He leaned over the table, placed his palm against the back of Ian’s head and pulled him in for a kiss.

Ian blushed and pulled away. “W-we’re in public!”

“I know. Everyone knows I’m yours now.”

“You’re so drastic”

“My bad~ If you are still upset we can go get lemon ice cream or get a cappucchino at your favorite coffee place.”

Ian sighed and smiled, “A capp sounds nice…”

Cassius chuckled, “Then that shall be our next stop”

The couple laughed and enjoyed one another's company making the most out of their date.
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