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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2296389
When the story is too good for sleep.
“And the knight slayed the monster…” Ian softened his words when he looked at his daughter drifting into slumber. He gently closed the book and whispered, “I’ll stop here for the night.”

The toddler opened her eyes slightly and mumbled, “Finis da stowy…”

“I will tomorrow, Elyse. Go to sleep.”

Cassius leaned on the door frame and chipped in, “Aw, why don’t you finish the story.”

Ian sighed as he gave in. “Fine…” The pages fluttered open. “The heroic knight rescued the princess and they lived happily ever after. The end.” Elyse had fallen asleep and was snoring lightly. The book closed with a soft thump and Ian smiled. “Good night, Elyse.”

Cassius walked over and pulled Ian towards him. “I love you.” He pecked his lover's forehead.

Ian leaned against his husband’s shoulder and whispered back, “I love you too…”

The couple stood in each other's embrace and watched their daughter rest.
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