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Fight or Flight. Which will Ian choose.
The dark exterior of the house casted an ominous shadow over Ian and Cassius. The hunter planted his feet in the dirt and stated, “I’m not going in there.”

Cassius laughed and patted Ian’s back. “You hunt vampires for a living but a haunted house is where you draw the line?”

Ian whipped his head towards the vampire and snarled, “Yes. Vampires are meh but ghosts are freaking terrifying.”

Cassius clutched his chest and said in a sad voice, “You wound, Ian. You think ghosts are scarier than me?”


“Pfft~” He scooped the hunter into his arms. “I’ll protect, my dear Ian, from the big, scary ghosts.”

Tears welled up in Ian’s eyes as he cried, “NOOOooo…”

The couple emerged from the house a short while later with Ian over Cassius’s shoulder. An employee ran over and asked, “Is he alright?”

Cassius chuckled and nodded. “Yes, he’s fine. But one of your employees on the 2nd floor may not be. He punched them pretty decently in the face.”

“Oh, thank you for letting us know, sir. Have a good evening.” The man walked away notifying the other employees about the incident on floor 2.

Cassius found a bench and set his partner down the bench and shook him lightly. “Ian~”

The hunter groaned and slowly opened his eyes. “I’m never going into a haunted house again…” Ian grumbled.

The vampire laughed. “Yes, yes. We won’t go into another haunted house.”
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