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She only had 1 rule to follow.
Delilah ran through the empty streets looking for any sign of life. She turned into an alley only to be blocked by a brick wall. The hairs on the back of her neck rose when she heard footsteps approaching. She quickly turned around to leave the alley but stiffened when her gaze landed on the suited female at the end of the alley. “P-please… leave me a-alone…” Delilah stuttered, pressing her back against the wall.

“I told you not to run.” The woman stated in a low voice and began walking towards the trembling girl. “And not only did you run, you hurt a couple of my men.” She paused in her steps. “I will admit that was quite impressive.”

Delilah looked around for an exit and shouted, “Someone! Call the Police! Please!”

“Ha~ And now you’re screaming.” In one movement Usako pulled out her gun and shot the girl in her leg. Delilah collapsed with a scream and clutched the bleeding wound. Usako calmly walked over and crouched down. “You should have stayed when I told you to.” The girl fell over as she lost consciousness. Usako brushed the dark strands out of Delilah’s face and whispered, “This will be a first and last.” She stood up and pointed her gun at the girl and pulled the trigger.
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